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24 February 2007 @ 12:14 pm
Where I be?  
Who: Michelangelo... thus far, alone... anyone feel free to bump into him.
What: Woke up earlier than usual, only to discover he wasn't in his room anymore. 
When: First Day. Around 7:30 in the morning, Earth time.

-Logging on:

Where to start? 

Well, it all began last night, I guess. 

I came home late with my bros after a long tediuse nightly scout for trouble. We found lotsa trouble, and dished it out, too. I was really tired, I even skipped dinner and went directly to bed. 

Next thing I know, I woke up the next morning to find myself in this pretty awsome and spiffy looking room. It looked so wide and awsome, you'd think you're living in some five star hotel with butlers working on your every whim, hand and foot. But I didnt see anyone, and when I pinched myself, I realized it wasnt a dream... all of this was real.

There were lotsa furnished items here and there. A large couch, a similar but smaller recliner, a funky-turkish rug of sorts. There were lamps on the walls and chandeleirs hanging from the ceiling. 

I woke up tucked in this huge king sized bed. Very bouncy, hehe. I could bnounce on it all day, or would have, if I hadn't glanced at the circuler shaped window, and fell right off the cuchy matress on the not so compy cloor. My jaw still aches, too... 

You can see millions and millions of pretty stars twinkling in the outstreatched horizon, as far as the eye can see. And there was this really huge glowing planet-sized ball out there... did we have a purple planet in our solar system? Dont tell me I got transported to some Triceraton building! Now that would totally be uncool...

But seriously; Dude! What would Donny do to see this! 

The sky and stars sotra looked like fairy dust, ya know? All yellowish white and twinkly and stuff, really sparkly. 

Then I realized I was hungry, my stomache roared in discontent and demanding attantion. I looked around the room, I saw this mini fridge, and wouldnt ya know it, there was a shipload of munchies inside! Junk food of all flavors and shapes and sizes! They all looked so good! I didn't know what to start with! 

So I grabbed a bunch of wrapped sandwiches and a can of coke, popped it open and  then spoted the compy I'm using to type in this entry now. 

Funny thing though; I've never thought of starting a journal unless I plan on finishing the book from cover to cover, so how am I supposed to do it to a journal on a computer? And why do I have the feeling I'm gonna get stuck here untill I find a way back home?

Well, if someone could bring me here over night, then there is bound to be a way back home, just as fast, right? 

First, finish breakfast, and then I'm gonna go explore, I wanna know where I am exactly... 

Who knows, I might bump into the guy who dragged me here, cause I'd sure wanna know if my bros are here, too... 

-Logging off. 


After he had finished his meal, Michelangelo casually discarded the food wrappings into the nearby waste basket. 

He spotted the lavatory, and so decided to 'tend to his duties' before exiting the room, unaware of the cameras watching his every move. After he had washed and then dried his hands, he hummed a song to himself and once memorising the room number, he -out of curiousity- began shuffling through the multiple drawers and wardrobe. 

As expected, he found the keys to his room in the dresser. The item was labeled E-014. 

Not lasting long while pondering what the number and letters mean, he pocketed the item into his belt pouch, secured his mask, nunchuckes, and adjusted the belt, before he almost reluctalty, abandoned the safety of his chamber. 

Slowly but carefully, he strode out of the room, he began exploring this new dwelling...  

Current Location: space station, bedroom,
Current Mood: excitedexcited
tobi_ridley on February 24th, 2007 03:46 pm (UTC)
Internal monologue wasn't something Tobi used very often, especially when she found herself alone in a big, empty, strange place. "... At least the place isn't scary," she said, looking around the brightly lit hallway, "I bet things'll all make since as soon as I find out where I am!"

She'd woken up in a nice - but certainly not her own - room several dozen yards down the hall. After taking a few moments to investigate the room and finding nothing worthy of freaking out over, she decided to head out and explore. Twenty minutes later, she was still walking down the same all and hadn’t seen or heard another living soul. “Well, apparently I’m here alone. Might as well make the best of it…” She starts skipping down the hallway, her handkerchief tails bouncing on her shell behind her, like an oversized hatchling.
nexus_champion on February 24th, 2007 05:41 pm (UTC)
Mike paused, he perked hisinvisible ears to the faint sound of- something in the distance. Was that a voice, or was it the wind making noises? He couldn't tell, he was just too far away from the source to be able to determine what it was exactly.

Antsy to talk to someone, and yet not in too much of a hurry to bump face to face with any space monster of any sorts; (not without his brothers there to back him up, at least) he ventured stealthily towards the corridor, past a junction and towards a lobby. To his left were rows of windowes showing the endless galaxy just outside their dwelling, and to his right were walls and other junctions, probably leading to even more and more bedrooms.

NErvouse he strightened up and watched his surroundings, and that's when he perked again at the sight of a camera wedged and carefully hidden between two supporting beams. He recognized the glint of the lense witht he illuminating lights coming from the rather small bulbs hanging from the ceiling.

The corridor almost looked like some sort of Aliens/StarTrec remix. High technology, but seemingly abandoned for a very long time, the place was dustly and dirty in some of the neglected corners, and it reminded Mike of his own bedroom back home.

He tensed, hearing that sound again, and this time he knew it was a voice, before the sound of feet on the floor alerted him it was a person.

Against his better judjment to zip his lips, to put a foot in his mouth, to shut his trap, he called out. "Hello? Anyone there?"
tobi_ridley on February 24th, 2007 06:32 pm (UTC)
“Hello? Anyone there?”

Tobi stopped mid-skip and strained to hear. Was that a voice? It seemed to be coming from down the hall. “I’m here!” she calls out, moving quickly down the hall, “Who’re you??”

The hall ends at a large room that’s gussied up like a fancy hotel lobby. She pauses a few feet into the room and looks around curiously, “Hellooooo?”

It doesn’t even occur to her that she might be walking into a dangerous situation.
nexus_champion on February 24th, 2007 06:49 pm (UTC)
Mike hesitated at the sounding reply, but ofly for a moment. For one thing, it sounded like a kid replying to his call. Should he risk it? What if it's like one of those monsters who pretends to be a little girl in danger, and when you step into the chamber of death, you're trapped and a dead duck- or turtle to boost?

Keeping to the shadows, he hugged the wall and stealthily shimmied till he could peek from the corner of the junction. On the otherside of the corridor he law a longe-like den. Lush recliners with glittery lights, a table lavished with huge saucers brimmed with mouthwatering fruites. He suddenly felt thirsty, and ther was this big juicy looking yellowish apple right on the corner of the plate calling his name.

Daring to risk it, to test the waters before doing anything risky, he kept close to the wall and trekked through, crossing the corridor but stopping a mere foot away from putting foot on the carpet before hsi feet. It looked expensive, and he weren't sure if his feet were clean... well yeah, he woke up clean, but walking through those corridors and lobbies earlier must've latched onto the sole of his feet, right?

He looked up at the finely decorated ceiling. Hmm, there was no sign of any steel bars possibly coming down to drop a cage on him, nor were there any funky looking ornaments decorating the corners of the brandished room. All he could find were cameras stationed here and there, he knew though he only saw two glinting in the shadowes, there were more he couldnt spot.

He wiped his feet on the corner of a small mat, before he dare step into the room. Wearily, he hightened his senses, something felt very awkwardly disturbing about this place. 'Come into my home, said the spider to the fly.' he thought to himself, growing more and more uncomfortable as the seconds passed.

And that, to his surprise, was when the green figure emerged at the corner of his vision, its color clashing witht he bright and glittery redish-yellow and golden shades adorning the majistic looking room. Startled and a bit dumbstruck, he stared at the stranger, blinking almost dumbly...
tobi_ridley on February 24th, 2007 07:48 pm (UTC)
"Hello?" she calls out again. She looks around, but the room appears empty. Her shoulders droop in disappointment as she sighs to herself, "I was sure I heard someone..."

Her depression is short lived however, because she soon spots the spread of food on a nearby table. Her stomach gives a low growl, reminding her that she hadn’t eaten since last night. “Hope no one minds if I nick some breakfast!” she grins, walking over to the table.

As she leans down to pick up a piece of fruit, something strange catches the corner of her eye. She looks over to find another turtle staring at her like she’s grown a second head or something. Ah well, maybe he’s just as shocked to see someone here as I am!, she thinks. She picks up a peach and takes a bite, smiling over it at the stranger, “Oh good! I heard you yell, but when I didn’t see anyone I thought I was going crazy or something.”
nexus_champion on February 24th, 2007 07:55 pm (UTC)
Mikey blinked. He half expected a big ugly monster ready to wring his neck off, and half expected a native or a human of some sort, but never another mutant like himself. Or at least, not unless it was one of his brothers. He was a bit bummed it wasn't one of them, too; though.

But nevertheless, was this little sweet thing a turtle? She was the one making those sounds earlier? Why were there- spots? Sports littered her skin. She looked kinda cute, actually; and were those glasses? Gee, wouldn't Don want to take a look at those...

Pulling himself together, he gave a wry smile, "Uh... yeah. I've been walking around for a while now, but hadn't come across anyone. Until now." he gestured at her. He snagged the juicey looking yellow apple with his left hand, and then extended his free hand towards her, offering a hand shake. "I'm Mikey, short for Michelangelo." he beamed warmly, displaying how friendly he was, "What your name?"
tobi_ridley on February 24th, 2007 08:17 pm (UTC)
She takes his offered hand with a three-fingered hand just like his, if not a big smaller. She wears long grey and green-banned wrist-warmers that cover nearly half of her forearms. When she shakes his hand her grip is firm but not so much as to cause discomfort, an ‘assertive handshake’ most would call it. “Nice t’meet ya Mikey. I’m Tobi,” she smiles.

She takes her hand back and steps back to look over him more thoroughly. What happened to his clothes?, she wonders. Being a reptile with no external sex organs she doesn’t have any concept of modesty as most humans would know it, but where she’s from most folks were clothes for fashion, if not just for warmth. After a few more moments of looking over the stranger’s muscular build and flawless blueish-green skin she decides with a grin that she isn’t going to complain about it.

“So you haven’t seen anyone else either huh?” she asks, leaning back against the table, “I don’t suppose you have any idea where we are exactly or how we got here?”
nexus_champion on February 24th, 2007 08:42 pm (UTC)
Mikey grinned back and arched a bemused brow while she 'checked him out.' he found it rather amusing, not to mention it made him feel a bit silly. Not only was she a female and a cute one to boost, she was actually interested? W00T! Score baby! Maybe he could- ? No, he shouldn't. This wasn't the place or the time- but she's- and he... well, mutal attraction is one thing, but what if she's already taken? He didn't want to flirt or hit on her, only to discover she was already taken.

Then again, she was kind of tiny, what if she was a minor?

"Um, for the sake of conversation, let me re-introdce myself." he took a big crunchy bite out of his apple, swallowed the juice as to make sure his saliva wont sputter out in her face. He sure as shell didn't want to turn her off by being a typical male, he had to show some class- blend into their current invironment, ya know? "Hamato Michelangelo, eighteen ears old, single and looking." he winked, swallowed and then flashed her a disarming grin, "I have three brothers, a leader-like eldest, a hothead and ageek, which makes me the youngest of the grou in a way. One father, single parent."

His senses tingled inwardly when the faintest whir of a camera indicated that one of them had rotated, changing the angle for a better view. He had been with Don long enough to distinguish the odd magnetic humming of those devices when they function. After listening to them for a while, the constant exposure to the magnetic waves tend to cause pressure on the brain, which later brings a headache.

With a wry smile, he leaned closer, tipped slightly, and whispered into her hear, 'And dont be frightened, but there are cameras installed all over the place. Just act normal, okay?' He reached back a hand to flick an invisible speck of something off her cheek, before he strightened up, donning that casual and mellow, warm and overly friendly smile.

"As for your other question, nope. I have the foggiest clue where we are. But from what I can tell, we're a far distance from earth." he shrugged, and then took another bite from his apple, careful to swallow the juice before talking. "By the way, I'm from Earth, New Your City. What about you?"
tobi_ridley on February 24th, 2007 09:05 pm (UTC)
She holds her hand in front of her mouth demurely as she finishes chewing her bite of peach. Actually she’s hiding her smile at that ‘single and looking’ bit. Oh good! So he’s not taken! He’s fair game for shameless flirting and teasing then! Score!

“My last name’s Ridley,” she replies, following his lead, “Turning twenty one in May, single, ‘n haven’t met anyone who can handle me.” She smiles, but quickly tosses the flirtation aside, “I’ve got a little teenage brother, and my ‘rents split up during the war. I’m still really close to my mama, but I haven’t heard from my dad for like… years, I guess. I’m from Seattle.”

She watches him warily as he leans in, and her eyebrows shoot up when he whispers to her about the cameras. She doesn’t turn her head, but she moves her eyes around, searching for the cameras. She finally spots one, turning slightly to focus in on them. “Hmn,” she murmurs, letting him know that she understands the situation and she’s willing to follow his lead.

She takes a thoughtful bite from her fruit, chews, swallows, and continues, “Hamato? That’s a Japanese name, isn’t it? You don’t look like a Japanese turtle, or an Italian one… In fact, I can’t place what kinda turtle you are at all. Are you a terrapin or a marine turtle?”
nexus_champion on February 24th, 2007 09:31 pm (UTC)
((I had a reply all written out and ready for posting, then suddenly IE shut down and I lost it all! So this is the summery of that I wrote, hope it works in place of what I lost))

At first, he was confused at her answer, but then came to the conclusion she was from another reality. Somewhere where cute girls like her were among the norm and were treated like any other human. A part of him was baffled, but more so startled at the mention of her age. She was older than him? Wow, she sure didn't look like it, she was kinda tiny.

Mike was at least at the hight of Five feet and six inches,(5"6), while Tobi here looked like she was barely Five point- something. Now, that he knew how old she was, and that she flirted back, he grew nervous. She was from another world, would it work? She was older by only two years, but surely things wouldnt get into a hitch, right?

And why was he so suddenly engroussed into a romantic interest?

When she asked about the name, he blinked at her. "Um, neither. I'm- actually a mutant." he paused. "Ya see, eighteen years ago, I was an every day normal turtle, when my brothers and dad got dunked with this glowing ooze thingy, it- evolved us from ordinary petshop turtles into what we are now. Mutants." and he stopped, wanting to test her reaction before continueing further.

Would she be repulsed that he wasnt a normal turtle? That he was a freak of nature? An accident, as Splinter explain it. Or a Mistake, as Raph once dubbed it? Somehow, he wasn't so sure, and the smile on his face turned weak.
tobi_ridley on February 24th, 2007 09:46 pm (UTC)
((No worries. It looks fine to me. ^_^ ))

"'Mutant'? 'Pet shop turtle'...?" she echoes lifting an eyebrow. She gives him a strange look, looking him up and down again as she mulls over his explanation. It doesn’t occure to her that he isn’t from her version of Earth. “So you’re like a genetic experiment or something? Well, you look normal to me.” She shrugs and smiles, “If anything, being a mutant must make life interesting, huh?”

She finishes her peach and looks around for a wastebasket to toss the rind in. She finally spots one and watches the camera out of the corner of her eye as she walks over to it. “Maybe that’s why we were brought here?” she wonders out loud as she tosses the rind into the basket, “Cause we’re both rare turtles…”
nexus_champion on February 25th, 2007 07:55 am (UTC)
Mike mentally sighed in relife. Good, she didn't think he was some freaky mistake, although the genetic experiment comment made him quirk a sheepish grin. If Raph was here, he's be a bit offended at that remark, while Don would consider it a part of the truth, who they are. There was never a question that all four brothers had- at least once in their life- thought of themselves as 'mistakes' of the human race, and it saddened Mike to think that in a way, it's more true than he'd care to admit.

"Yeah, as interesting as the only four of your kind on the face of your planet." he smiled teasingly. "I can guess you're from not the same Earth I'm from. Ever heard of Alternet Universes? I've been through some, and let me tell ya, sometimes it is the same places and same people, just different rules and personalities. Gets kinda confusing in other worlds..." he rambled on.

When she had gone off to discard the remains of the fruite, he followed suite after finishing his apple, and tossed it in the bin, before he licked the sticky juice from between his fingers. "I need to wash this off." he murmured, and then looked around. There didn't seem to be any near by wash rooms, so he had to go around and peek across the lobbies. Finally he spotted one just across the hall.

"Excuse me for a sec, gonna go wash up and be right back." he offered, not yet leaving in case she didn't feel comfortable being left alone.
tobi_ridley on February 25th, 2007 03:25 pm (UTC)
“Yeah, sure,” she smiles, “Take your time, dude.” As he walks off to find a place to wash his sticky fingers, Tobi takes a seat on one of the plush couches to wait and to think about his response to her question.

“Four…?” she echoes to herself, “Didn’t he say his dad was --” But then he’d dropped the fact that he’s from an alternate universe, which might have meant that his father wasn’t a mutant turtle at all. She’s read and heard a scientific thesis or two on the theorized existence of other dimensions, but she never thought that she encounter someone from one! How exciting! “It’d be really neat to hear more about his reality,” she says eagerly, “And he’s been to other ones too? That must be so cool!”
nexus_champion on February 25th, 2007 03:42 pm (UTC)
With a grin and nod, Mike trailed off towards the restroom and passed through the long, well lit ward.

He entered and blinked, staring at the soft colored, bluish white tiles decorating the shiny floor, before he grinned a bit wider and headed towards the nearest sink, basin, or whatever Sensei called it. Almost reluctant to touch the squeacky clean and spotless tab with his messy, sticky fingers, Mike felt the cool metal grasped in his hand and slowly turned the tab's knob around. A weak stream of water trickled down, but gradually grew stronger as he turned the knob a bit more.

He spied a small soap bar on the self a bit near chin level on a shelf, so he picked it up and washed his hands. It smelled of lime and- mint, was it? He couldn't quite tell, it smelled spicy, that's all he could pinpoint. Once clean, he put the bar back in place, renced the sticky sweetness off the knob and then shut the water off. Wiggling his wet hand looking for a towel, he spotted one of those fancy hot air hand dryer contraptions. He stepped closer to examen it, and then pressed the button on the side.

It came to life with a low but clear whir, and he felt the hot air tingle faintly against his legs. Grinning like a child with a new toy, he placed his hands under the hot, but not enough to scald, blowing air until they were dry, and by the time the machine had stopped, whatever moist left he rubbed against the back of his palms.

Giving the restroom one last look before exiting, he paused to stare at one of the small lights that was fixed over the corner, there another sink and a lengthy wall mirror were placed. He furrowed confusedly for a moment, this place looked a bit to fancy. Something clicked in the back of his mind, so he almost hastely exit the room and stared at the door.

It had the woman/female sign on it...

He went into the girl's room...

If he wasn't green, his face would have turned a dark shade of brownish red by now. The heat that spread across his cheeks tingled. If Raph was here, he'd never let him live it down. But he shook it off and cleared his throat, trying to hide his embbaressment, and casually strolled back to the dinning room.

Once back, he plopped on the chusioned seat besides Tobi's, an armchair. He leaned back and got comfortable, and resisted the urge to put his legs on the table before him. 'Show some class, dont be an ass.' He kept telling himself. "So? did I miss anything?" he smiled, if only, again, for the sake of a conversation.
tobi_ridley on February 25th, 2007 03:57 pm (UTC)
Tobi would have laughed her shell off if she had seen Mikey go into the girl's bathroom, but fortunately she was busy examining the lobby the were currently camped in. She smiles at him as he takes a seat in the chair next to hers. Her long legs are bent with her feet tucked under her bottom and her chin rests on her arms. It seems she isn't as concerned with 'propriety' as he is.

“Found a couple more cameras,” she murmurs, “Seems whoever runs this place wants to keep a constant eye on us…” She lifts her voice a little to regular conversation level, “So… If you’re a mutant, what passes for ‘normal’ in your world?”
nexus_champion on February 25th, 2007 04:07 pm (UTC)
Breathing out a soft sigh of relife, Mike managed to compose himself long enough to look nearly normal... nearly. His cheeks still tingled whenever he grinned, and he was grinning at Tobi, it was making him really nervous.

At her question, he blinked, thankful it dampened his jumpy mood. "Well, like I said, I have three brothers and one father, the five of us are the only ones of our kind. New York City- and the whole planet for that matter, is fully dominated by humans. They're the domenent race." he informed. "Only few know about our existance, and though it's fun and dandy at times, I wish the mad doctors would leave us alone. We're alway under threat of beeing hunted down like animals, caged and have experements and tests run on us, and I'm not talking feet!" he joked good naturally.

He knew if Tobi was nowhere remotly close to his home world, then his world would not be the place for her. "Its a game of survival moste of the time, I guess. But after eighteen years of living in the sewers on NYC, you just get used to it, ya know?" He shrugged.

"What about you? What's your hometown like? Seatle, was it?" he inquired, mentally hitting himself for not catching, or remembering where she said she was from.
tobi_ridley on February 25th, 2007 04:22 pm (UTC)
Her casual attitude drops like a bomb. She nearly jumps out of her seat, her hand gripping the fabric on the arm of the couch so hard that her knuckles turn pale. "You're whole world is controlled by HUMANS?!" she demands, her face a mask of horror, “Oh, you poor guy! I can’t imagine what that’s like.”

She sinks back into the chair, her outburst momentarily exhausting her. “I know what it’s like to have to deal with humans…” she sighs deeply. “I guess since you’re not from my world, you have no idea what the Wars of Annexation are.” She pulls off the sweatband on one of her arms, revealing lines of angry pale green scars around her wrist, “When I was a hatchling the Federation humans landed on Rancho Nuevo. They wanted our nesting beach as a launch point for a sea base, so they enslaved us and forced us to build it for them. We fought back, but it cost us way too many lives. That’s why Kemps Ridley turtles are a critically endangered species on my world. It’s also why I joined the military for five years…”

She slides her sweatband back on, hiding the scars again, and leans her head back with a sigh. “And you have to live in a world filled with those horrible aliens… And you seem so cool with it. You must really be a great guy, Mikey, to have to live in a world like that and still be so positive. “ She smiles warmly, “You’re my new hero.”
nexus_champion on February 25th, 2007 05:48 pm (UTC)
Mike practically jumped at her sudden outburst, then blinked almost too shocked at the pitite woman as she slipped back into nonchalant self. He unstiffened his legs and arms, cursing himself for tensing like that. If she had pushed off the chair he would have- by reflex -jumped up in battle pose, thinking something wrong was happening. Ninja skills kicking in, he took a breather and willed himself to calm down.

He felt his heart skip a beat when she showed him the scars. Wow! Those looked nasty! He'd some some on Leo and Raph, and he had his own war wounds, and though master Splinter told him to wear his wounds with pride, to not let their apperance burden him, their latching memories sort of kills his fun times, whenevr he spots them there on his flesh.

But what shoked him even more were her last words. He stared at her, wide eyed and too dumbstruck to react. Then his heart pulsed, surging an indiscribable feeling, sweeling through his chest. His mind blanked for a moment, he sent her a wry grin, complementing what to say to that.

But truth be told, it was hard to gain focus so fast, he felt like he'd been hit with Cupid's thunder... erm, or was that Zeus's arrow? He shook his head and gave a nervous-shy chuckle.

"I'm hardly a hero." he smiled timidly, "When I was younger, I'd often jump around and brag about being a hero, I'd practically shove it in their faces." he gave a negative shake. "Now, I think I'm old and brave enough to admit being tarrified out of my shell. Like our suituation right now," he guestured at the room they were reclined in. "Why are we here? Who braught us here? What is this place? And more importantly," he send Tobi a confedint and assuring, but cautios expression, "are we the one ones here?"
tobi_ridley on February 25th, 2007 06:17 pm (UTC)
A bright honest smile crosses her face and she leans over the arm of her chair to pat his arm, "Aw, and you're so modest too!" She leans back and looks around, nodding at his estimation of the place. “Yeah, those are questions I’d like to have answered too...” she admits. Then she looks at him again and gives him a cheerful smile, “But on the bright side, whoever brought us here for whatever reason doesn’t seem to want to harm us. So until something bad happens, there’s no use in stressing about it too much, right?”

She stands up and stretches, her lithe little form tightening like a strung bow. “Mmnh! But we’re not gonna get any answers just sitting here on our shells!” She holds out her hand to him and grins, “Let’s go explore. And find out if we really are the only ones here.”

“If we ARE the only ones here…” she gives him a flirtatious wink, “Then I intend on spending a lot of time with you, Mikey. After all, no one likes to be lonely.”
nexus_champion on February 25th, 2007 06:41 pm (UTC)
Mike's heart jumped into his throat. She wasnted to spend time with him, willingly? He stared at her hand as it was made of the shiniest of gold, and he hesitated for a moment. Sure he was a shameless flirt at times, but he was more aiming for a 'tease' title, and deep down inside, he knew was too shy to actually approch a girl (As If!) and ask her out. Now here he was, with a cute optimestic chick offering her hand.

He nodded once and took her hand, almost as if touching her would scald his skin, but pushed himself off the recliner. He stared at their hands for a moment, wondering if he should lead her to the direction he wanted, or let her choose. For one thing, he had trouble choosing, there were three lobbies, one he came from, one there the restroom was located, (though he didnt' recall seeing a male's restroom, was it located elsewhere?) and the third was obscure to say the least.

"Um, lead the way." he suggested, not releasing her hand and giving her the option to do so first. His heart was beating wildly in his chest, he was really nervouse but also excited to be with her.

Who knows? Maybe this would be the adventure of a life time; not that he and his brothers hadn't had any of those before...
tobi_ridley on February 25th, 2007 06:57 pm (UTC)
She swings his hand at her side as she thinks about their options. “Well, you came from down that way, the hall that I came down was pretty boring so…” She points from one hallway to the other, rhyming to herself. “Eney meany miney moe, catch a tiger by the toe…” she says in a sing song voice, “… My mama told me to pick the very best one and you are not it. Alright, lets go down that one!”

She gives him an encouraging smile and starts heading down the obscure hall that neither of them have been down yet. The way she moves is completely different from the way he’s used to getting around. She almost… bounces as she walks, and she doesn’t make any effort to muffle the sound of her footsteps. She sticks to the middle of the hall, totally willing and ready to face whatever comes their way.

“So!,” she says after a few moments of walking, “What do you do when you’re not ducking the humans in your world? Got any fun hobbies?”
nexus_champion on February 25th, 2007 07:18 pm (UTC)
Mike arched a brow ridge and watched her happily skip across the lobby in front of him. Clearly, she's as childlike as he was when he was younger. He didn't know when he had matured to the state he was right now, but after all they've been through, and a few Battle Nexus Battles to round the past few years.

The Nexus became more and more tiresome every year, ever since he first won the title the first time. Every year he envokes into fighting stranger and more powerful apponents in order to keep the title, and ther are times where his pride would almost falter, wondering if it's worth losing just to get rid of this 'honor title' that latched onto him with claws and teeth, boldly refused to let him go.

Watching Tobi skip braught back some memories of youth, he missed them and the nostalgia had him smile. At her inquire, he grinned more naturally, feeling elaxed with her and no longer nervouse. He could still feel her touch in his palm, and though she let go when she skipped towards the ward, he could still feel the silk-like and tender touch, it made his grin widen.

"Oh, read stuff between boring study books or comic books, write stuff down like prose and fiction." he paused for a moment, not delviging into what type of book or comics he reads, "I like to cook when I have free time. The kitchen feels more comfortable to me. Two or my brothers liek the dojo where they train and stuff." he shrugged, not sharing the fact that he was ninja.

"I like to skateboard every once in a while, but given that I cant go out in the daylight, I skate in the empty or abandoned part of the sewers. Less chance for humans to find us, and even then I play around at night, just to be safe." he nodded to himself once, then continued, "Got my own drum set back home, but my bros dont like it, they say it's too noisy." he smiled.

"But my favorite past time is escaping with my shell intast after a prank backfires. It hurts like shell when they get me, but shell worth the trouble." He chuckled. "Ever seen a turtle with rainbow polkatos scattered across his shell? Priceless!" He laughed.
tobi_ridley on February 25th, 2007 08:17 pm (UTC)
She watches him out of the corner of her eye as she skips along beside him. He looked almost... wistful for a moment. She nods and listens with interest as he describes his hobbies, then her smile widens as she realizes that he's into a lot of the same things she's into.

When he mentions painting someone’s shell with rainbow poka-dots, she bursts out laughing. The sound is bright and breathy, like a little girl’s laugh. “Ohmygawd! You did that too?? When I was young I used to paint smiley faces and hearts on my little brother’s shell with glow in the dark paint!” She covers her mouth with her hand, still laughing, “Now that he’s bigger then me, he gets me back by sitting on my shell and painting my spots pink!” Her laughter fades and she becomes wistful for a moment, thinking of her brother.

Not wanting Mikey to see her sad and worry about her, she quickly puts on a smile and starts describing her hobbies, “I like comic books too. I’m okay at drawing, and I’m hoping that I’ll get good enough to make my own comic book someday. I gotta long way to go though.” She thinks for a moment then continues, “I’m not very good at cooking, but I’m really good at deep water hunting, so I can catch a lot of tasty stuff. Too bad we’re stuck in space… I’d like to show off how good I am at deep water diving; it’s one of the few things I pride myself on.”
nexus_champion on February 25th, 2007 08:38 pm (UTC)
Mike's grin widened considerably at the 'glowing paint' part. Why didn'the think of that? It was sheer briliance! "Glowing paint... I might try that when I get home." He laughed in reply. He used 'when' insteead of 'if' because he had no intention of staying here for long. As soon as he findes a way to send Tobi to her home, he'll find a way to get home next.

Not that he thought girls were weak, it wasn't that at all! In fact, April can kick his shell any where, any time! He knew better than to assume that, he just didn't want to go home and then wonder if Tobi ever managed to get back home. Besides, wouldn't it be like leaving her behind to meet her end if he left before she dead? He didn't want to sound like a wuss, but he didn't like this place either.

He didn't like the hidden cameras following them across the corridors, either. Whoever designed them needs to make them rotate quieter, their whirring was easily caught with his acute ninja hearing. So far, every fifteen to twenty paces was a camera, securely watching every inch of these lobbies.

Zigzag mode, he recognized it from listening to one of Donny's 'lectures' about how they need to keep their alarm system out of 'detection' for those who repair workers who dwell into the sewers. They were in rows but the not meet face to face with the camera on the opposite wall, meaning whoever placed them wanted to cover every inch in this area, even the small dirty corners.

He, of course, thought of all of that in the back of his mind, masking his absent attantion by looking at Tobi the whole time with a mellow smile on his face, while he casually strolled after her. To the passerbys, he's normal, but if any of his brothers were here, they'd instantly detect how tense he was. These walls had ears, and eyes! And he did not liek the intimidating suituation one bit.

"I'm not that much of a swimmer, even if I'm the best when it comes to diving. I can hold my breath longer than any of my brothers. but- well, while living in the sewers, you dont get those many swimming spots, if ya know what I mean." he shrugged. "But we moved into a new home about three years ago, and it has it's own river! Pretty neat, huh?" he grinned more naturally.

Mike didn't think it was a bright idea to talk and expose so much information to each other, especially if so many cameras are watching, but knowing that staying tightlipped might alarm those watching, and he did tell her to act normal, so he might as well play the role as well.

"So~ since you have your apartment and stuff, what's it lke, living as a citizen?" he asked, curiouse.
tobi_ridley on February 25th, 2007 09:12 pm (UTC)
"Oh you can't breathe underwater?" she asks nonchalantly.

She’s not paying a whole lot of attention either; she’s watching the cameras out of the corner of her eye. They’re all fully functional and transmitting their recordings somewhere – she can tell because she can see the tiny little light blinking next to each lense. Whoever was watching them, didn’t want it to be obvious that they were doing it, which makes Tobi a little uncomfortable.

She shakes her head, realizing that Mikey just asked her a question. “Eh? Oh! Mn, that’s a good question. It’s hard to describe since, y’know, it’s normal to me. I’ve got a studio apartment right by the boardwalk, so it’s pretty expensive, but since I don’t have a family, most of my income is expendable anyway. I’m a software engineer for a big tech company, and I really like my job but I wish I could do something with my art…”

She suddenly pauses as they come to another junction. To the right the hall continues on, intersecting rooms and chambers, and to the left, it opens up to a bank of elevators. “Hey look! Let’s see what’s on the other floors.”
nexus_champion on February 25th, 2007 09:24 pm (UTC)
When she spoke of her job, his eyes bugged out. Wow! Wouldn't Donny LOVE to meet her! If she's a techie then they'd share lots of techno-babble together, and maybe confuse him like usual; nothing out of the usual. But then a part of him didn't want her with Don, he kinda liked her not-so-techie side, it felt more like his old self, and he liked it better this way.

"Maybe you can open up an art gellery and show your art?" he suggested quietly, not sure if she was able to do so. If she had a mom and brother somewhere, then they probably help her in some way, right? Or was she prideful type, too; who would refuse to take money from their parents and insist on complete independency?

But then they arrived at the juction, and in spite of her excitment, Mike glared uneasily at the elevators. "I'd rather not. We don't know how reliable they are, and I sure don't want to die inside one of those." he muttered. For one thing, the door could get jammed and they'd suffocate inside, or worse, one of the cables would break and the'd pummle to their death. Or the worst case scnario,, the doors dont have the safety pressure option installed, and it would close on their legs and/or arms, (or worse, their outstreatched necks!) and cut them clear, right off in one mighty snap.

He shuddered inwardly... apperantly, he'd been watching WAY too many monster/Horror movies...
tobi_ridley on February 25th, 2007 09:36 pm (UTC)
"Die? How deadly can an elevator be?" she giggled optimistically. Never the less, she pats his shoulder comfortingly and heads the other way, down the hall. "But since you don't want to take the elevators, I'll just come back and explore by myself later. No worries."

“My art isn’t nearly good enough to show to people yet,” she says in answer to his suggestion, “Besides, I like to draw cartoony stuff, not serious art. You have to have serious art to have a gallery.” She smiles dismissively, then gives a little gasp of excitement, “Oh, there’s an idea! Maybe I can find some paper and pencils and such, so I have something to do when you’re not around?”
nexus_champion on February 25th, 2007 10:45 pm (UTC)
Mike scowled inwardly at the contraptions. When younger, he was lazy, he'd take one of those anywhere, any time, but after a rough, and rather discomforting experiance; being trapped inside one, sweating and nearly sufforacing to death, he sort of got a slight case of clusterphobia. Not panicky or nuts, just- queasy.

Although, he was thankful for his shell-phone, or else Raph's coaxing through the device never would have meant so much to him. He didn't mean to give them a scare, but he was careless, and he swore to be more careful, and he'd been on his toes since then.

"I kinda perfer something more energy-burning, if you know what I mean." he sent her a masked, friendly smile. "but if you want, we'll come here later, if we find more company, cause if one of those really is, then I'd rather have someone there helping me open it, ya know?" He didn't know if it was working, but he was feeling queasy just being near one of those small closed rooms.

But then she piped up about how cartoony her work was, and he honestly grinned at that. "Really? What's wrong with cartoons? If you're good enough, you could work in commercializem(sp?) and illistrate stuff." He paused, "Or~ you can go to a company and make your own cartoon."
tobi_ridley on February 26th, 2007 02:22 am (UTC)
She nodded, getting the hint that he just didn’t like elevators, and using an elevator in a seemingly deserted space station was probably even less enticing. That was fine, she’d never pressure anyone into doing anything they didn’t want to.

“Nothing’s wrong with cartoons,” she giggled, “In fact, I intend to become a comic book artist. But I’m not that good yet, and besides, I have to finish art school. In the meantime, I enjoy drawing in my spare time.”

She’s quiet for several minutes as the move further down the hallway. She doesn’t really feel scared or threatened, even if the cameras do make her feel a little uneasy, but she’s glad Mikey’s there. She feels… safe with him around.

“… What if we ARE the only ones here?” she asks quietly, as much to herself as him. “Do you think we’ll be able to find a way back to our worlds on our own?”
nexus_champion on February 26th, 2007 11:18 am (UTC)
"Comic books kick shell, and I'm an addict, I'll have you know." He smiled teasingly, "I like drawing too, though a meanie head brother says my drawings look like chicken scribbles." he sulked, and then huffed, faking being upset about it, "What does he know..."

At her other question, he blinked, "Well, I kind of doubt we're the only ones. For one thing, someone must've braught us here, and he, she or they must be around here somewhere." he paused, eyeing a camera from the corner of his eyes. "If they're watching, then they must be located somewhere..." he murmured softly, so only Tobi would hear.

"If we find who braught us here, we'll probably figure out how we were braught here, and then going back home would be a lot easier." he added, paused again and then slowed in his walk, eyeing a corridor coming up a short distance ahead.

He hesitated, should he go explore, or just continue walking?