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26 February 2007 @ 02:19 pm
What is this place?  
Who: Mikey and Tobi... anyone else?
What: Exploring. Walking through the maze of lobbies...
When: Day One. Around the afternoon between 12 or 1 o'clock. Earth time 


He had been walking through this maze of a station for roughly two hours. 

As much as Tobi was a wonderful company, (A wonderfully cute one at that,) he couldn't shake the uneasy prickling sensation on the back of his neck. 

They were being watched, every single step, every single move. Listening to every breath and whisper, it was irritating. Mike knew he was in the enemy's mercy, and he hated being unable to sum the type of threat he was going against. He felt helpless, and it bothered him even more. 

He had to stay calm, but be alert for any sudden action. Tobi wasn't a fighter, he had to protect her. He didn't like the never ending maze or lobbies, ward and corridors, because he felt like he was a rat in the maze, but without the cheese. Was there a path they had missed? A junction they had to take but didn't? 

Maybe he should have at least checked the elevators to see how many floors there were, because he knew this wasnt a singlefloor building. If there were others, they would have bumped into them much easier, if it was just a single floor. 

But now, he was having the feeling they werent alone, and it werent the eyes watching tham that gave him that senation. 

For now, he will stay alert, prepare for whatever might come their way. 

Main goal: Explore, but haul shell if Tobi's in trouble. She's a priority now, and he wont hang around and fight some alien monster if it puts her under threat.
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tobi_ridley on February 26th, 2007 11:43 am (UTC)
Tobi notes her new friend’s hesitancy as they approach yet another seemingly abandoned corridor. Something tells her he’s really on edge about something. Sure, waking up in a space station with cameras watching your every move is a bit unnerving, but there HAS to be an explanation for it right? And if they got there, there’s certainly a way to get home, right?

“Don’t worry, Mikey,” she pipes up, “I’m sure everything is going to be okay.” She smiles brightly and gives his arm a reassuring squeeze. “We’ll find someone soon, then you can go home and kick your brother’s shell for me,” she giggles, “No one picks on us artists, right??”

She turns and examines the lobby for a moment quickly spotting several new cameras. She leans over and murmurs to her friend, “I know it probably won’t help the situation, but I have such a bad urge to make faces at the cameras…”
nexus_champion on February 26th, 2007 11:54 am (UTC)
Mike couldn't help but chuckle at her ugres, "Oh you have no idea how I'm itchin' to do it, myself." his grin widened, feeling a little more relaxed now with Tobi. Somehow, she reminded him of who he was when he was younger, more happy, positive. He didn't know when exactly he had grown so hard, but it was not easy to turn back into who he was, especially after all the trajic events he and his family had gone through the past few years.

"And as much as I'd love kickin's Raph's shell, I know he'll hand it back to me ten times worse." he smirked, "He's a hothead, likes to fight, and he used to pick on me a lot when we were younger." he mused a bit, whistfully he paused in front of the new corridor, a faint illuminating light pulsed in the distance, showing there was something on the other end. It reminded him of candle lights flickering in some dungeon, at some haunted vampire castle in the middle of a blustery, cold, moonless night...

"And righ about now, I wish he was here..." he muttered. But he braved it up, and glanced at his companion, "So, wanna go check it out, or just continue down the corridor?" he offered, giving her an option to take this way or not. He felt bad for not letting her have her way with the elevator, and he didnt want to appear too 'bossy' by not letting her explore, and this place looked safer, so what's the harm?
tobi_ridley on February 26th, 2007 12:49 pm (UTC)
She grins as he describes his brother, "I used to be like that. I was a real terror when I was younger."

She stops when he does and follows his line of sight to the light at the end of the hall. Her brows shoot up in curiosity. "Let's check it out!," she answers his question eagerly.

Anxious to show him that his concern is unfounded, she grins playfully and runs down the hallway, "Race you to the end!" For being such a dinky thing, she sure can move! Given enough space she could probably leave a ninja in the dust with a good sprint.
nexus_champion on February 26th, 2007 01:14 pm (UTC)
Mike flinched when she suddenly sprint off liek a green bolt; dang! She was fast!

"Hey! No fair!" He cried and raced after her, though voice tainted with a laugh, "Cheater! You got a head start!" He laughed and hurried to match her pace. It didn't take him long, because he was a natural athelete, he was racing neck to neck with her in a moment. "I hope you have good breaks, cause we're nearing the finish line." He exclaimed and gazed at the far wall signaling the end of their path.

Instead of slowing down, as to avoid coliding into the wall, Mike kept his pace and when he was ten feet away from the wall, he jumped, kicked the wall as if it was a foe, to leap up barely a hair away from the ceiling, and in one graceful blackflip, landed back on his feet like a cat with a soft thud.

Cheekily, he flashed Tobi a grin. He liked showing off his ninjutsu~
tobi_ridley on February 26th, 2007 01:21 pm (UTC)
Tobi's jaw falls open in awe watching him perform such an acrobatic feat. She’s so transfixed by his agility that she forgets what she’s doing and only notices the wall in front of her at the last second.

“Waa-aoh!!” she squeaks, skidding to a stop a foot away from the wall. She slams into it with a thud and falls over on her shell, dazed for a moment. As soon as she realized what happened, her face darkens in embarrassment and her brown spots take on a slight copper tinge. Unable to help herself she starts laughing, her plastron shaking helplessly. “Guess I need to get new breaks!” she says, her laughter finally bubbling down into giggles.

She holds up her arms, gesturing for Mikey to help her up. “That was totally amazing! You GOT to show me how you do that!!”
nexus_champion on February 26th, 2007 01:33 pm (UTC)
Mike winced and coiled at the loud 'Thud!' while echoed. He watched Tobi lay there dazed, before she started laughing. With a bemused grin, he didn't notice the spots on her changing color, yet. He grouched down and gently took her hands, helping her up, dusting the invisible dirt off her.

"Naw, I think you just need to oil the breaks." he winked. "As for teaching you, I'll do so as soon as we get out of here, or if I find a place fitting, these wards arent quite roomy enough." he then reasoned, before giving her arms and head a quick checkup; visuially, of course, he didn't have the courage to touch her. Besides, he didn't want to look like he was 'feeling her up' or anything, it'll just make him look like some sort of creep.

"But seriously now, you feeling okay? Hope you didn't get hurt anywhere, you hit that wall pretty hard." he asked, concerned.
tobi_ridley on February 26th, 2007 01:48 pm (UTC)
Her left arm and leg took most of the force of her run in with the wall. They’re still throbbing, but she just smiles and rubs her arm. “Eh, I’ll be fine. It’ll take more then a solid wall to crack my shell!,” she grins.

She looks around, trying to find the source of the light they saw earlier. “Where’s that light coming from? D’you think maybe it’s just a light bulb that needs changing?”

She rubs her arm again and gives it a shake. It the feeling is coming back and it’s starting to tingle. “Y’know that feeling you get when you hit your elbow on something. It feels like that all up my arm. It’s pretty weird,” she giggles.
nexus_champion on February 26th, 2007 02:00 pm (UTC)
Mike gave a soft sigh, "They call it a funny bone for a reason, ya know." he smirked, and then looked at her arm and leg that collided witht he wall. Apperantly, they looked fine, no bruises or cuts, or scrapped skin, so hopefull there wasn't much of damage.

He glanced at the corner they have arrived in, and up on the ceiling was one dangling lightbulb a few feet away, but the looby looked dready, dead and was covered in cobwebs and dust. Also, the faintest glint of red blinked every now and then from the corners between the beams near the ceiling. the cameras were installed even in this seemingly abandoned and neglected spot?

Or maybe it was a camofluge of sorts to make it appear abandoned, to scare off any curiose people from dwelling too close, while there was something worth while on the other side? He weren't sure. the floor was coatied with a thin sheet of dust, and there weren't any clear footsteps around. No one had passed through here for a good year or two, obviously.

"Looks pretty abandoned," he murmured, and felt hsi skin prickle when his echo carried through the empty ward. There was only this one light at least twenty feet away, and the rest of the ward was empty. No windowes or doors, just a long pathway with a seemingly endless tunnle. "No one came here for years, too; I figure."

He tensed, the feeling of cold fingers pressed to the back of hsi neck startled him, and he quickly whipped his head around to the path they had come from.

He could have imagined it, but he could have sworn he heard- humming? Like- something hovering right past the floor and passed by their corridor. Whatever it was, it didn't notice them and passed by. His heart picked up the pace for a few beats.

There was someone else here, someone besides the two of them after all...
tobi_ridley on February 26th, 2007 02:08 pm (UTC)
What Mikey Taught Me

"Creeeepy..." Tobi whistled quietly to herself, looking in a the abandoned lobby. She shoots Mikey a bold grin, "Let's check it out!"

She strides boldly into the room, showing not a hint of fear. If she senses what he does – and she really doesn’t – then she doesn’t seem to care. She looks down at the footprints she leaves in the dust and giggles, spinning around and skipping to make her trail look erratic. Then she gets a mischievous look and she runs a few dozen feet or so further into the room. Then she turns around, runs a few steps back, and slides on the dusty floor.

“This is fun!” she laughs, sliding into him. “Hey, there’s lots of room in here! Why don’t you teach me some of those neat flips here? It’s not like we have anything better to do.”
nexus_champion on February 26th, 2007 02:20 pm (UTC)
"I think the only thing we could catch here is a sneezing fit." he shot her a bemused grin, momenterily shoving the eerie humming sound he heard to the back of his mind. Tobi didn't hear it, so there is no need to frighten her. Clearly she doesn't have a sense of danger, or it's on vacation because she's having way too much fun making dancing-lesson steps on the floor.

In a way, he envied her. As a ninja his senses had been honed to detect the faintest of rustle and any sudden chance in the flow of air within his surroundings. Sure his skills are limited, but at least he knew what was enough to keep him hidden in case danger found its way towards his location.

He guessed Tobi didn't detect anything because she had lived a safe life, as a citizen in a city, she had the law to protect her. And in this case, he was the law who would protect her as long as they were here. He didn't mind, but he also worried what she would do if they got seperated, by any chance, and he hoped they woudln't.

"I think I'd rather go somewhere less dusty. We could train here, but if you get something in your eye, we dont have anything to wash up with. and besides," he smiled teasingly, "I dont recall seeing any showers in the restroom, and dust can make you itch like shell."

He gave the endless corridor a look, slightly intimidated by the pitchblackness there. the only source of light were the red blinking lights of the cameras, other than that, the place was dark, cold and creepy.

"And not to scare you, but who's to say someone didn't crawl in and die in the end of that tunnle?" he arched a brow. "It's okay to go exploring the unknwon, but the best we could do is be prepared. If you really wanna check it out, lets go see if we can find one of them mfancy rooms, or a supply-closet and get some flashlights, and a first aid kit." he murmured, wondering why he was in Leo-mode so suddenly, "I dunno if it's even safe for us to be out of our bedrooms at all..."
tobi_ridley on February 26th, 2007 02:40 pm (UTC)
She grins as she runs away from him few feet, then slides back to him again. “It’s really cute how you worry about me so much, Mikey,” she giggles, “But it makes me feel like such a hatchling.”

She looks down the darkened hallway and makes a face as he mentions that someone could have died down there. Suddenly she’s not so keen on braving the darkness. “Mmn, maybe you’re right. Maybe we should head back…”

She blinks, realizing he mentioned his bedroom, and her flirty little mind can’t help but make a mental leap to something less then appropriate. She blushes, her spots turning copper again, and she starts to laugh.
nexus_champion on February 26th, 2007 02:58 pm (UTC)
At the comment of making her feel like a kid, he shrugged with a sheepish smile, "Sorry, I'm just a bit paranoid, especially when I'm suddenly taken out of my home and tossed into the great picklejar in the sky." he guestured at the building they were in.

So far, Mike has no knowladge it's a spaceship, for all he could tell it's some sort of sattlelight(sp?) station, maybe stranded somewhere between his galaxy and Tobi's, which would explain why they were here... maybe.

But then, honestly clueless to the cause of the giggle fit, Mike qruiked a curiouse brow ridge and cocked his head, smiling inwardly, "What's so funny?" he crossed his arms over his plastron and sent her a smirk, musing on how much he liked her voice when she's laughing. She sounded a lot cuter that way.
tobi_ridley on February 26th, 2007 03:15 pm (UTC)
She covers her mouth with her hand, stifling her laughter. “I’m sorry, it’s just… When you said that you didn’t think that it was safe for us to be out of our bedrooms… I was just thinking that it was like you were inviting me back to your room!” She laughs again in embarrassment. “Sorry, I’m so lame. Stupid stuff amuses me.”

She curls his arm around his, walking back out of the room. “You’re right anyway, being stuck here in Pickle Jar Station makes me a little uneasy too. But so far, so good, right? And at least I’m stuck here with you.” She smiles, but the look quickly fades.

She stops and turns around, something catching her inner ears. “Do you hear that? Sounds like someone’s humming…?” she asks, looking around. Then she gives him an excited look, “Maybe it’s someone who knows what this place is!”
nexus_champion on February 26th, 2007 03:31 pm (UTC)
Dumbfounded, his heart practically leapt into his throat when she wrapped her arm around his, and the words she spoke of prior that action, only shocked him even more. He felt his lips press into a stright, nervouse smile, as heat licked his face. He hesitated to speak for a moment, knowing fully his voice will come out like a tiny squeak, if he decided to talk before calming himself.

He cleared his throat, trying to think of something coherent to say, something that wouldn't make him look liek an idiot, when she suddenly mentioned the humming sound again.

Automatically, he tensed, but gently put an assuring over her hand, where it curled over his forearm, squeezing it gently. He didn't say anything, because if the humming came back, then whoever or whatever had caused it was either looking for them, or had sensed them and turned to check.

'Stay close, and dont make a sound.' he instructed her in a whisper.

Next, he pushed her behind his shell, to protect her from whatever could be arriving, friend or foe, he wasn't sure. One thing he was sure of, if it's a foe, he wanted to be ready to defend themselves if needed. Also, he didn't want to run back into the creepy lobby, if they had to escape then he'd want to go back the path leading towards the dinning room, where the building seemed less life thretening.

Slowly, soundlessly walked his way back towards the path they had come from, peeking over his shoulder every so often to make sure Tobi was following. Hugging the wall, he peeked passed the junction, causiosly making sure if anyone was there...
tobi_ridley on February 26th, 2007 03:41 pm (UTC)
Tobi blinks in surprise at his reaction. He seemed more worried then excited about the prospect of meeting someone new. Or was it just the humming sound that he didn’t like? Her dumbfounded expression only becomes more so as he warns her to stay close and stay quiet. Despite her confusion she does so.

She’s no ninja, but she did serve several years in the military, so she has at least some rudimentary stealth training. She stays a step behind him, carefully moving so that her feet barely make a whisper of sound against the dusty floor. Meanwhile, her mind is spinning. He obviously thought they were in danger, but from what? She didn’t see anything, and the humming had grown so faint that she could hardly hear it.

But then she feels something cold brush up her side, and she jumps involuntarily. She spins around, looking for whatever it was that touched her. Her hands clench and unclench, wishing she had something handy to defend herself with.
nexus_champion on February 26th, 2007 04:01 pm (UTC)
--Something Wicked This Way Comes--

Mike instantly whirled around when he felt her twirl, the faintest gasp was swallowed into the silance of his chest, refusing to make any type of sound that might alert whatever was there.

He wanted to ask if she had felt something, but thought better of it. They had probably been discovered because of their echoing voices, bouncing off the walls of that eerie tunnle. Perhaps there was something on the other end, and it alerted someone or something to their presence?

His heart nearly jumped into his throat when the feel something cold brushed against his legs, causing goosebumps all over his flesh, spreading up to his arms, tingling his whole being, even his tail. He shuddered, then gently ushered Tobi to stick close, if there was something close, he didn't want it anywhere near them!

If he didn't knwo any better, he would have sworn a ghostly being had touched him. The cause was, so far, invisible, and it only alarmed him to how defencless they were against such a threat even more. His nuncheks were useless against something without a mass or body.

He stared at the ceiling, at the floor, at the walls and cameras, noticing that all the cameras were fixed on them, their red lights blinking, liek the mocking laugher of a demon, bright and alluring. Heforgot himself and snarled at one, fully exposing the truth that he knew it was there, before he gently but firmly, took Tobi by the arm guiding her out of the lobby, back to where they had come from, depending on his memory to find their way back towards the bedrooms.

He didn't know why, but whatever was out here lingered liek the spitirs of the dead, cold and discomforting, waiting to engulf them into a pit of fright and dispair. He didn't want to stay here, something told him something bad would happen if they were to be idiotic enought o think they could fend against whatever was brewing within this lybrinth of endless wards and junctions.

"Lets get out of here. I feel something coming, and whatever it is, I don't think it's friendly." he hissed with a low churring sound emitting from the pit of his throat. Nothing is going to come one step near them; over his cold dead body! If something wants them, it's gonna have to get through Him first!
tobi_ridley on February 26th, 2007 04:14 pm (UTC)
Tobi’s mouth falls open slightly at the sight of this new side of Michelangelo. She knew he was a warrior, but she never really expected him to become aggressive, and hearing the growl in his voice was just a little alarming.

It brought out the soldier in her. She shuts her mouth with a snap and nods unquestioningly at his suggestion.

Her arm curls around his, offering the promise of protection just as much as his touch offered it to her – as if she could expect HIM to need protection from anything! She abandons stealth in favor of speed, eagerly heading back down the hall to the more brightly lit corridors.

Suddenly a loud, lonesome howl echoes down the hallway, and a blast of icy wind tears through them, pushing them back towards the darkened lobby. She squeaks in surprise and buries her face against her friend’s arm. “What the!?”
nexus_champion on February 26th, 2007 06:09 pm (UTC)
"RUN!!!" He shouted, before shoving her forewards towards the ward they had come from, "Dont look back! Just keep running!" He demended, before he turned around to face whatever had arrived, already pulling his chucks from his belt and started twirling them around, swinging it expertly towards something that blinked at the corner of his eye.

At first he didn't see anything, slowly backing into the lobby they had come from, walking backwards, keeping an eye out for whatever had come. Oddly enough, he didn't see anything. Or at least, in the beginning, he didn't see a thing, until something on the ceiling caught his attantion.

There was no physical form, but the faintest of invisible-like mist hovered across the ceiling, fogging up while it passed under the artificial light's beams. Like the blinking of a gold coin, a pair of eyes flickered in the hazy mist, for only a split second, before dissapearing again.

Whatever the thing was, it didn't have a physical form, and therefor, apperantly, he could not attack it with his weapons or with his ninjutsu. Realizing that, he didnt' want to stay and get snagged with the thing, regardless if it can touch him or not, cause he wanted to make sure Tobi wouldnt bump into another one of those creatures.

Weapons still drawn, he tucked one end under his arm in a defensive stand, before edging back. Eyes fixed to the beastly, misty critter on the ceiling, when the eyes flickered again. This time, a low, earsplitting screech erupted before it dropped to the floor with a loud 'Thud!'

A mouth, seemingly hanging wide open in midair shone with shark teeth and a mighty maw that could break the strongest of steel! Whatever the thing was, it didnt' welcome him, and he snarled back at it, thretening it wordlessly not to come near him.

He had watched many horror movies, and he knew this monster thing could very well be the reason they're here. Either it was the one who braught them here, or whoever braught them here wanted it dead.

He had a choice, to either stand and fight it, or to slowly back away and see if it would attack.

(( was gonna add something assuming Tobi did as told and ran, but decided to leave it open just to make sure. She strikes me as the stubborn type who wouldnt run even if ordered.))
tobi_ridley on February 26th, 2007 06:56 pm (UTC)
She does run. If something really bad was going to happen, he was better equipped to deal with it and she knows it. But she only runs as far as the end of the hall before she looks back and realizes in horror that he isn't right behind her.

She skids to a stop and turns around, yelling for all she's worth, "What are you doing Mikey!? MOVE!!"

She can’t see into the room anymore, but she can see him standing in the doorway, glaring angrily at whatever made that horrible screeching noise inside. She hops up and down in place, waving her arms frantically, “C’mon, MIKEY!!! LET’S GET OUT OF HERE!! PLEASE!!”

She looks around, hoping to spot something, anything that will help her help him.
nexus_champion on February 26th, 2007 07:12 pm (UTC)
The mouth snaps shut before the invisible body launchs forward. The maw is wide open again and Mike swiftly awing the chucks. A loud 'Crack!' Echoes in the lobby as the fogge beast drops on the dirty floor squirming, screeching and writhing in pain. Mike stares at the hazy, mist-like creature on the floor, before he spots a purplish green fluide on the floor.

He had hit it hard enough to make it bleed, and there were a few knocked teeth on the floor, too! Clearly enough, he can hit it, and it only looked invisible, while it was actually just as physically massed as he was.

Not wanting to stay until it could recover, he tucks one weapon and quickly bolts towards Tobi, snags her hand as he bolted past her and ran like the wind. "I don't know how fast that this is, we need to dissapear! Fast!" He cried urgently, wanting to be as far away as possible from the thing.

He was fleeting so fast, his feet were nearly soundless, barely coming in contact with the floor as he ran. Hopefully, while holding her hand, Tobi would be able to catch up to his speed.
tobi_ridley on February 26th, 2007 07:30 pm (UTC)
Her breath catches in her throat as she sees him leap forward, his nunchuku spinning expertly. She hears the crack as he scores a hit and the noise as the monster she can't see squeals in pain. She pumps her arm, grinning at Mikey's minor victory, "Alright!"

Suddenly though he's grabbing her hand and tearing down the hall away from the monster in the abandoned lobby. She stumbles along for a few seconds, only held up by his grip on her hand, but she soon manages to put her feet under her.

Her feet pound on the floor, echoing loudly down the hall, but she's able to keep up with him. Her breath tears from her throat though, it isn't easy!
nexus_champion on February 26th, 2007 07:47 pm (UTC)
Something suddenly accures to Mike while he tore across the wards, and nearly hald a mid second to bring Tobi closer, while bending his knees slightly, and swinging his free hand back. The young thing slams into his shell but not quite saft enough to knock him onto his face, and in a flicker of a second he leads the hand he had grabed to his front, and his other hand grabs her thigh.

Now, in spite of the shell, she's half riding on his back, and he quickly picks up the pace, breezing across the maze-like corridors. For one thing, she was a shell lot lighter than he expected! Often times, the shell would add extra weight, which means she's as light as a feather without it... does she even eat? Or is this weight normal?

"Sorry, but I remembered that you were playing with the dirt earlier," he said, breath leveled but slightly panting, "I figure if the thing could, it mihgt follow the track of your feet. I believe you have enoguh dust on them to get back tracked." he explained. Now he was thankful he didn't join her on the sliding game, or else his feet would have gotten dusted up as well.

"Cute toes, by the way." he couldn't help but add, smothering a smile, ignoreing the tingle spreading across his face.

He didn't slow down just yet, he kept breezing through the corridors without a hitch. Years of ninja training had kept him fit and ready. But when he spotted a familier looking corridor he did a neck twisting turn and dashed into it, coming up to the area with the elevators from before.

Only then did his speed slow down to a full hault, but he didn't let her down yet, he wanted to listen to their surroundings, to make sure they werent being followed.

It was a lesson Splinter had taught him and his brothers well. Never, Ever make a direct beeline home when you have the least feeling of being possibally followed! Like a fox, go circles around yourself, then find a body of water and treck through it. Water doesnt carry your scnet, therefor, whatever is following you wont be able to follow you.

If you're being tracked by foot trail, go over the same steps over and over, maybe even walks backwards to make it look like you've gone to a direction, when you've actually come from the other. Confuse the enemy, dont let them figure out where or how you did it, just dissapear like a whisp of smoke, for the darkness is the ninja, and the ninja can not survive without the darkness.

Minutes passed, and he let out the faintest whisper, "I think we lost it... I hope."
tobi_ridley on February 26th, 2007 08:10 pm (UTC)
Tobi squeaks in surprise as he suddenly stops, and then her breath comes out in a woof as her narrow plastron knocks into his shell. Before she knows what’s happening, he’s turtle-backing her down the hallway faster then anyone could have believed. Not that sea turtles like her were ever very heavy by anyone’s standards – they had few solid bones (their shells being the biggest) and the rest was all hard but light cartilage; and a lifetime of swimming in the raging ocean usually depleted every ounce of fat on a sea turtle’s body. But still! He was booking it down the hall like she wasn’t even there!

Despite the severity of the situation, she’s keenly aware of her hands clasped around his hard plastron and his hand on her thigh. It’s a good thing her head is behind his, otherwise he might have seen her spots nearly glowing with bashfulness.

He mentions the dirt on her feet and she looks behind them, and sure enough, she was leaving a trail of dirty brown footprints! “Good thinking!,” she gasps. She blushes even deeper when he compliments her toes, and she wiggles them reflexively.

It seems only seconds pass before they’re standing in front of the elevators again. She stays silent and still on his back, waiting for him to make the next move. She heaves a sigh of relief when he gives the all clear.

“I’m so sorry Mikey,” she says quietly, her face darkening with shame, “It’s all my fault that we got into that mess. I knew you looked uneasy, I should have paid more attention to you and been more cautious. I’m very, very sorry…”

“Even if we have lost it, let’s make sure it can’t track me again. Hold still…” She leans up on his back, displaying an amazing amount of flexibility as she starts wiggling off her jeans. She gets them halfway off and starts rubbing the soles of her feet on the inside of her pants legs. Then more shuffling and wiggling, and she pulls her pants back up and holds out her feet for his inspection. “Clean??”
nexus_champion on February 26th, 2007 08:20 pm (UTC)
After he had let her down, Mike stiffned and yelped, quickly sheilding his eyes when she appeared to be taking off her pants!!! His faace tingled and he squeezed his eyes shut, his left arm draped over his eyes.

"Eh... it's.. um.. okay, not that I blame you." he murmured meekly after her opoligy, "That place looked pretty abandoned. Who would have guessed that thing would be there?" he shrugged, and when she asked if something was clean, he hesitated, thinking she still had her pants down.

But then he dare peeked down from under his hand and at her feet, spying the now clean feet and cute toes wiggling, the pants's sleave rolled up and draped over her feet. He cleared his throat and sighed, thankful she was dressed. Sure she was a turtle, and probably nothing actually showed, but it was still embaressing, and she is a girl! Splinter had taught him better!

"Yeah, clean eangh to avoid leaving any trail behind." he nodded, before inspecting his own feet. There was nothing there, thankfully, meaning that the creature will have to track them by smell, if it chose to use that method. If it's like any earthy animals, like a dog or cat, maybe it could do that...

"What the shell was that thing, anyway..." he murmured, more to himself than to anyone else.
tobi_ridley on February 26th, 2007 08:29 pm (UTC)
She tilts her head and her mouth falls open slightly at his reaction to her taking her pants off. He’s not wearing any clothes! Why did he suddenly act like he’d go blind if she took off hers!? Unsure weather to laugh or be insulted, Tobi settles for an amused little snort.

She turns and stares down the hall, in the direction of the thing that they’d just escaped. “I have no idea…” she replies, “But I don’t want to stick around to find out. Let’s get out of here.”

She looks at the elevators, wondering if Mikey'd be up to taking one of them now.
nexus_champion on February 26th, 2007 08:51 pm (UTC)
Mike stared at his hand for a moment at her slightly miffed snort, he didn't know what he did wrong, but decided to opoligize anyway, "Er- sorry? I- uh... don't- really interact with girls much." he smiled embaressdly, "Being a mutant, four of a kind, in a world full of humans kinda does a number on ones dating skills, ya know?"

His shoulders slumped a bit, "Most of them scream and run, or just faint, while a rare few actually stick around to know us better. So far, I only know two, and they're not turtles." he rambled on.

At her request to leave, he nodded and stepped towards an elevator, "I agree, and since there doesn't seem to be any steps around, I wanna move off to another floor, if the thing IS following us, I don't want to lead it back to our rooms." he told.

He pressed the button on one of the elevators, but it didn't function. He pressed again, and again, but it didn't respond. "Broken." he grunted, and then moved on to the next, and though it responded, the door slid only baly more than a foot apart, before the door got jammed and stopped. Now the whirring of the door sounded weakly from above the boxed room, signaling the contraption was broken as well.

"Piece of junk," he grumbled, then moved off to the third one, and this one refused to open as well. With a scowl, he kicked the door in aggrivation, and wouldn't he know it, the door echoed with the kick and came to life, opening wide...

... only for a seemingly mangled skeletal corpse, standing on it's knees against the once locked door, to fall face first onto the floor, sending brittle bone flakes onto the floor and the skull to roll over towards Tobi.

Mike froze, shuddering. He looked back into the last elevator, spying three more corps coiled besides and intersecting with each other, in a heap of mangled arms and legs in the small room. They were dressed in tattered shirts and pants, and... lab coats. The dead bodies were all of bones, there weren't any speck on flesh on either one of them.

And the room reeked of death!!!

His stomach jumped. One of those bodies could have been him a few years ago, saffocating to death inside an elevator, unable to get out, locked to his death. He felt sick and turned away from the sight, leaning with a hand against the opposite wall. He took a breather and tasted the juices of the apple he had earlier climb back to the back of his throat, but not enough to make him vomit.

But it was enough to make him feel very ill.

"See what I mean?" he rasped wearily to Tobi, not bothering to explain what he meant.
tobi_ridley on February 26th, 2007 09:12 pm (UTC)
Regrettably used to such sights, Tobi only winces and turns her face away at the smell of the rotting skeletons. Covering her nostrils with her hand she steps forward to examine them while Mikey recovers.

She crouches down in front of the scattered bones that spilled out of the last elevator and adjusts her glasses with her other hand. “Lab coats…” she murmurs under her hand, “These guys were scientists. I assume that means that creature we ran into is probably a lab experiment gone awry. But why did the elevators malfunction and trap them?” She ponders her own question for a few moments, then shakes her head as she comes to a logical answer, “The elevators were probably disabled to keep that thing from accessing the other floors. Which may mean that we’re stuck on this floor too.”

She stands up and walks over to Mikey, rubbing his shoulder gently. “At this point I don’t think it matters if we lead that thing back to our rooms. I think we have to find a way off this floor, or find a way to destroy that monster should it show up again…”
nexus_champion on February 26th, 2007 09:33 pm (UTC)
He swallowed a huge lump in his throat, before he nodded to her in approval, "We probably should." he turned to the dead group, "But unless we find another starecase, we're stuck on this level." he paused again, and then almost nervously took her hand, "And- just in case, I need to confess that the reason I don't like elevators was because I got locked inside one when I was fourteen." he took a breather.

"I really thought I was gonna die, when I blacked out, I really thought it was over, that I'll never see my family again, only to realize that I was alive. Don, my brother, managed to get the dang thing open, but because it was jammed between two floors, they had trouble yanking it up or down to be able to pry it open." he gulped again, feeling ashamed of his weakness, but needing to confess in case he did get trapped somewhere.

"Ever since then, I've had a mild case of clusterphobia. I can stay calm for only a while, but if it lasts for too long I start to panic." and then ge gave a wry chuckle and rubbed the back of his neck, "Been over four years, and I still cant fully get over it, though." He stared at the corpse. "I feel sorry for them, they must've been through so much, during those last hours."

Unintentionally, he squeezed her hand a bit tighter, a determined glint shone in his eyes. "I think if we can pull the elevator down, we could look into the hatch and check how many floors there are. Hopefully there should be an escape ladder on one of the walls." he looked at her, "If the elevators are broken, then there is a bigger change of them falling down than going up, assuming the main pully engine is broken, I mean. Either that or disabled from the main power room."

He frowned, "Then again, I think I've infiltirated enough towers to guess the main power room is either hidden in the bottom belly, and the controle room is somewhere up the top. If this is a sattlelight station of any sorts, then there shoud be a watch tower somewhere, a docking bay, too."

He looked at Tobi, listening to whatever she had to say, and hoping she might notice something he could have missed.
tobi_ridley on February 26th, 2007 09:48 pm (UTC)
Her mouth forms into a small 'oh' and her eyes widen in sympathy as she listens to his explanation. No wonder he wasn't keen on taking the elevators! And in this case, his fears were well founded!

She slips her hand out of his, only to wrap her arms around his neck in a tight hug. “Aw, Mikey… Now I’m really REALLY sorry I suggested taking the elevators. I didn’t know…” She gives him another comforting squeeze, and steps back, her hands resting on his upper arms. “You’re really very brave…” she smiles gently.

She nods as he spells out his plan. “Yeah, good idea…” She looks pensive for a moment as she tries to think of a way to bring one of the elevators down. “I bet these elevators have a load limit… and there was a lot of heavy furniture in the nice lobby, remember? Do you think we could load one of these things up with enough stuff to snap the cable and make it drop?”
nexus_champion on February 26th, 2007 10:03 pm (UTC)
Mike wordlessly nodded after the hug, it was truly unexpected and he was too busy smothering the urge to grin at her. His cheeks tingled and he was thankful it wasn't clear enough for her to spot the change of color on his face. After clearing his throat, he stepped over the corpse, groused but braving his fears. He had seen and actually met death in the eye, multiple times, and he will not let his fears over come him, not here, because he had to keep himself together.

Carefully, he inspected the elevator door's edges, noticing that there was no safty-lock lense at the bottom, or anywhere along the length of the door pockets. This was an old design and though it nearly looked early, the strange desighnes that decorated the boxed room's ceiling told him it was probably not earthly.

Either that, or modren art, and to him, modren art was depressing and confusing, he could never understand the stuff... not to mention it looked really ugly.

Peeking into the room he glanced at the control panel, and saw that the covering pad was torn off. The panel had a hairclip lodged into one of the lower wires, and it was burned real bad. Whoever shoved that thing in there, was probably what caused the elevator to get jammed? No, at least he didn't think so...

Studying the panel like a good ninja, he came to the conclution that there were ten floors. The bottom two were bacements, and the uppter two were something esle, but he hadno idea what they were. They were alphabetically titled from A to G, but H, I and J had a 'restrected area' label on them.

He pressed his foot on the floor to get a better look, when the elevator creaked with hsi added weight. Inwardly, he gave a startled yelp and jumped right out of the way, shell slamming intot he opposite wall. A moment later, the creaking of the elvator stopped as it lowered on its own about a foot.

He glanced at Tobi and felt his face turn on fire. He must've looked liek such a scardy cat. Chuckling sheepishly, he shrugged and rubbed the back of his neck. "Um, I guess we just need to push it with some weight, doesn't need a lot." he told.
tobi_ridley on February 26th, 2007 10:18 pm (UTC)
She grins at his sheepish expression, but doesn’t tease him. She walks over to the elevator and sticks her head in, examining the busted control panel herself. "Oh! Dur! That's why the elevator doors wouldn't open!"

She balances herself with one arm on the outside wall while she reaches into the elevator. “Whoever put this paperclip here wanted to create a cross circuit that would force the safety lock on the doors to over-gear. That’d lock the doors together. I guess when they did that they were too scared to think about how they were going to get back out.” She rambles on to herself as she pries out the paperclip and examines the wires. “Y’know, I bet this thing’ll still go down on it’s own… Not that I want to get in it, but we can make it go down to the bottom of the shaft, then climb up the shaft itself. We just have to keep the outer doors from closing all the way. If we can do that, I’m sure that the jack tracks that they slide closed on will strip and then we can push the doors back open easily enough.”

She leans back out again and reaches into her pants pocket, fishing out a small Swiss Army knife. “This ought to do it,” she looks to him for conformation, “What do you think?”
nexus_champion on February 26th, 2007 10:33 pm (UTC)
"Um, I think I understand. But machines aren't exactly my best point. LAst time I tried to 'practice' my technical skills, I put the city in a blackout for a whole day. Wasn't pretty." he shrugged with a guilty smile.

"My brother, Don is a techno-geek, he could dis-assemble something as harmless as a toaster, and then pretty much turn it into a leathal weapon, like a gun and such. I bet if he was here, he'd have this thing working in a snap!" And he snapped his fingers to imphasize.

He stepped closer again and inspect the door pockets, "Raph, however, could disable stuff liek this without breaking sweat." he grinned rpoudly, "Though he's sometimes all brawn and no brain, he just perfers to use his brawn than brain, but when he does use his noggin, he's pretty handy with it, if ya know what I mean."

He stared at the corpse, wondering it it would be too disrespectful of the dead to push them out of the elevator without having to use his hands. He didn't have anything to put the shambles in, either, so that was a bit of a proboem, since he dearly didn't want to touch them.

Who knows what kind of deadly germs they're carrying!

But then he noticed that so far, they'd been here for some time now, and the monster thing haden't arrived, or appeared uninterested to follow them. Perhaps it ran away to its hole to nurse its wounds, and will come back to take revenege on him, and make him pay its dentist bills?

... Nah~! It probably just gave us and besides; if the thing did come back, then his senses will alarm him and he'll be ready. Hopefully they'll be long gone from this floor by then.
tobi_ridley on February 26th, 2007 10:49 pm (UTC)
“I was a defense systems engineer when I was in the military,” she grins, “I built bombs!” That part of her job honestly wasn’t that dangerous, but people always thought it was so it always amused her to see people’s reactions when she dropped that little fact about herself.

She turns back towards the elevator and wedges her pocketknife in the track of the outer door. Then she reaches back into the elevator and readjusts some of the wires. She grunts, as she has to stretch to get to the panel that’s dangling from a single screw, but she manages to push the right buttons. The elevator whines and beeps and starts to shudder.

With a final tug, she rips out one of the wires in the control panel and throws herself back just in time to avoid being sliced as the doors slam closed. The outer doors don’t close all the way, prevented from doing so by Tobi’s little knife. The elevator drops down the shaft with a howling whistle until it finally hits the bottom of the shaft with a deafening crash.

Tobi winces at the noise and smiles apologetically at Mikey, “Uhm… oops?”