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27 February 2007 @ 01:35 am
... troubles...  

Who: Mikey and Tobi... anyone feel free to jump in.
What: Still exploring, so whatch your step...
When: Day One. Afternoon around 3 o'clock. Earth time.  


He wasn't sure how to describe it all. 

First, they were minding their own business, exploring this strange place they had been taken to, and next there is this, seemingly invisible monster that appeared out of nowhere. It attacked Mike and he deflected the attack by knoking out a few teeth, but who's the say it was the end of that? Whos' to say it was the only one around? 

Right now, Michelangelo and Tobi are trying to get an elevator to work, would they ever come across any other 'survivors' on any of the other floors, or is there a force somewhere preventing them from meeting? 

Only time could tell... 

And time may not even by on their side. 

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nexus_champion on February 26th, 2007 11:08 pm (UTC)
Mike's eyes widened a bit at the bomb comment, but he smirked bemusdly. This sweet-looking little thing could make things go boom? Sweet! Don would love to chare come chemestry recipes with her, that's for sure.

But then she seemed to struggle to reach into the elevator, so he stepped closer to grab her hand and help her balance herself, but before he could grab her, she was already finished and leaped out of the door's scissors-like walls closing in. Luckely, she dodged it, but not so luckely, the cable snapped and the elevator fell with a loud crash.

He blinked. He assumed the cables were so old, they were in terrible brittle condition and being worked into functioning made them snap. It only assured him that these elevators had not been used in years! In other words, if there were any other 'kidnapped' people in this building, then they were probably on the other floors.

Then she tried to open the door and couldn't so he gave her a teasing grin and gently ushered her aside. Maybe he wasn't as tough and muscline as Raph, but he was considerably strong! Flexing his muscles, just to ready them for the task, he streatched them out and carefully wedged his stubly fingers between the door, testing their not-so-sharp edge.

Taking a deep breath, he shifted his feet slightly apat, and then with all his might, pushed the doors away from each other. The pressure applied to hsi fingers stung at first, but the door creaked and shuddered before the squeaky sound stopped pericing through his ear, and the door slowly slid open. He grit his teeth and a small churr began in the pit of his throat, refusing to let the stubborn door close again. Summing up his streangth, he managed to push them back into their pockets.

He stopped and took a step away, gingerly waving his hands. His fingers buzzed with pain but it was worth it. He sighed in relieafe, but that's when he spotted the safety-lock camera on the top of the door! If he could cover it up with something, it'll think there is something standing in the door way and the doors wont close even after they leave.

"Hey, do you have any bubblegum?" he glanced at Tobi, hoping she had something sticky, "Tape or such? I need something sticky for that," he gestured at the lense.