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27 February 2007 @ 01:35 am
... troubles...  

Who: Mikey and Tobi... anyone feel free to jump in.
What: Still exploring, so whatch your step...
When: Day One. Afternoon around 3 o'clock. Earth time.  


He wasn't sure how to describe it all. 

First, they were minding their own business, exploring this strange place they had been taken to, and next there is this, seemingly invisible monster that appeared out of nowhere. It attacked Mike and he deflected the attack by knoking out a few teeth, but who's the say it was the end of that? Whos' to say it was the only one around? 

Right now, Michelangelo and Tobi are trying to get an elevator to work, would they ever come across any other 'survivors' on any of the other floors, or is there a force somewhere preventing them from meeting? 

Only time could tell... 

And time may not even by on their side. 

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tobi_ridley on February 27th, 2007 01:26 pm (UTC)
"You're nexus_champion?" she asks, clicking the link. She reads silently for a moment. “Huh… Weird. And this warior_turtlef person - Leonardo somebody – is stuck here too apparently!”

She thinks for a moment, then her short fingers start flying rapidly across the keyboard. “Well, we’re on some kind of network, that’s for sure, and someone has access to our journals,” she murmurs, “I already tried tracing the IP address, but maybe I can access some of the other files on the network….” Her tongue sticks out of the corner of her mouth in concentration as she types and clicks away. “Whee! There we go!,” she throws up her arms in victory as a map of the space station pops up on her screen.

The display makes the space station appear to be a tube of sorts, with two rings suspended around it. Apparently, they’re on the lower ring. “According to this, there’s a bridge that connects our ‘doughnut’ to the main part of the space station… y’know, that tube in the middle there.” Her eager expression falters as she clicks another link to bring up a more detailed map. “And that bridge is on the other side of the room with the monster in it,” she groans.
nexus_champion on February 27th, 2007 01:39 pm (UTC)
"The Nexus is a battle area of sorts, intersecting with multiple dementiones, I've been there a couple of times." he told her quietly, not bragging, just being informative, "I'm the champion cause I won the championship four years in a row." he explained his username, "But that's aside the point."

Mike's shock to 'Leo's name popping into the picture was lost as Tobi revealed the 'truth' behind their encounter. "So you think that monster thing was trying to stop us from getting to the other side?" he glared at the map, mentally trying to memorize as much details in it as possible.

He spied the elevator shaft, and noticed that it connected all the floors, except the last one in the bottom, instead there was a seperate elevator connecting the last two floors together. But the last floor was colored red and the side note 'Contaminated area' was labled on it.

"Great... it figures why it didn't follow us." he sighed softly, and absently put a hand on Tobi's shoulder, as often he'd do if he was with Don in the lab, "It was probably a guard dog of sorts. It protects that area from tresspassers..."

He pointed at the upper ring alighed witht he third floor from the top, "Since this bridge here connects to the upper level, probably the watchtower, and the lower ring here connects to the basement," he pointed to the lower ring that was alighned witht he floor just below his room, "means that if we try to get into either one of those, we're bound to find more of those things."

"We're locked in the civilian areas, apperantly. Those guys in labcoats probably worked in the restricted areas, meaning they'd have ID cards to help them pass." he paused for a moment, then recalled that the body that had tumbled out of the elevator had not been touched. "Hey, think the corpse we left has an ID card?"