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27 February 2007 @ 10:23 pm
Lets Make Turtle Tracks!  
Who: Mike and Tobi... feel free to jump in!
What: Ready to explore the rest of the station.
When: Day One. Nearly sunset around 5 o'clock. Earth time. 


It has now been nearly half a day since their arrival, and so far they had survived those past twelve hours. 

Uninjured, but getting prepared for whatever may cross their path, they are ready to embark on a journy towards the currently unknown sections of the spacestation. Wheather or not they would meet into others, or come across more of the strange, invisible monsters is yet unknown. 

Much had been assumed and found, but nothing had yet been solidly confirmed. The only way to confirm the information they had managed to collect and gather, would only be if they were to locate any of the original spaceship's surviving crew. So far, only a few had been found, dead. 

The living are unaccounted for, due to the inability to find any clue of their existance. 

But the pair had found one thing to give them hope, the chance that there are at least two more survivors on this seemingly lifeless and abandoned station. Will they come across those two new arrivals, or will something prevent them from their meeting?  

Only time will tell if they would become friends or foes.

Current Location: Space Station
Current Mood: determineddetermined
nexus_champion on February 27th, 2007 09:58 pm (UTC)
Mike Really felt like correcting her, dubbing him with that title that belonged to his brother, but then figured that since he didn't actually tell her much about his Leo, it didn't really matter. If the other Leo turned out to be a guy, he'll explain it to her then.

So for now he'll just keep his guard up, in case that thing did come with back up, or if there was a miniture army of the little guy. No time to slack off now that there is a chance to mutt-thing would be back to bite him on the tail, Hard!

Calmly, he made his way towards the staircase and paused for only a moment, to sence if there were any threats nearby. So far, nothing but the cameras, so he ignored them for now and quietly continued down the steps. After a moment with nothing to proove that trouble was coming, they finally reached the flat, solid ground of the fifth floor.

Mike paused for a moment, and then looked around just to make sure, before he quietly marched towards the sleeping dorms. They reached his bedroom, and he used the key to open the door; half way he pondered how anyone got into his room to use the computer if the door was still locked. So did someone have a matching key, or a skeleton key?

"Lets take a break for a moment, I got a bad feeling tingling, and my turtley-senses are telling me wondering around right about now may not be a good idea." he gestured towards the room, before he sent the ward they stood in an uncomfortable scowl, "Lets lay low for a while, just to be sure." he suggested.
tobi_ridley on February 27th, 2007 10:18 pm (UTC)
She nods agreeably and looks around as well, wondering what he's scowling at. He had a bad feeling before just before they met the first monster, so Tobi is smart enough to know that something dangerous must be around, even if she can’t see it.

Her stomach growls loudly then, and she chuckles in embarrassment. “Sorry,” she says quietly, “Forgot I haven’t eaten anything since this morning. I wish I had grabbed some food before we left my room…”

She follows him into the room, and then takes a weary seat on one of the chairs, “And we’ve been walking around all day haven’t we? My feet are starting to ache.” She gives him a small smile, “Sorry, I shouldn’t complain…”
nexus_champion on February 28th, 2007 01:14 pm (UTC)
He smirked, the rumbly in her tumbly was a much needed positive distraction. The heckles on the back of his neck, which he doesn't really have, had stood on ends again as if a in icy cold hand was pressed to his warmer skin. Something he couldn't yet detect was coming, and he didn't like it, because it was approching fast!

Once inside the room, he locked the door, then stuffed a small rug under the open slot under the door, before he firmly barricaded it with a small bed-desk. Stepping back, he gave it a critical look, before he turned to Tobi with a forced smile.

"I dunno what's going on, but better safe than sorry," he murmured. At her stomach arguing again, he chuckled and poked a finger at the fridge, "Help yourself, it was well stocked when I left the room, so I'm gonna check my computer for a minute, might have been 'befriended' too, while I was gone." he explined, already heading towards the machine.