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27 February 2007 @ 10:23 pm
Lets Make Turtle Tracks!  
Who: Mike and Tobi... feel free to jump in!
What: Ready to explore the rest of the station.
When: Day One. Nearly sunset around 5 o'clock. Earth time. 


It has now been nearly half a day since their arrival, and so far they had survived those past twelve hours. 

Uninjured, but getting prepared for whatever may cross their path, they are ready to embark on a journy towards the currently unknown sections of the spacestation. Wheather or not they would meet into others, or come across more of the strange, invisible monsters is yet unknown. 

Much had been assumed and found, but nothing had yet been solidly confirmed. The only way to confirm the information they had managed to collect and gather, would only be if they were to locate any of the original spaceship's surviving crew. So far, only a few had been found, dead. 

The living are unaccounted for, due to the inability to find any clue of their existance. 

But the pair had found one thing to give them hope, the chance that there are at least two more survivors on this seemingly lifeless and abandoned station. Will they come across those two new arrivals, or will something prevent them from their meeting?  

Only time will tell if they would become friends or foes.

Current Location: Space Station
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nexus_champion on February 28th, 2007 03:22 pm (UTC)
'Bingo!' Mike grinned to himself, not daring to make a sound. The creature may not be 100% blind, but the hazy look on it's yes told him it didn't see too well in-- That's right! The dirty old lobby where they had encountered the first one was really dark, and there weren't any windows to shed any light from the ourtside as well.

It would explain why the injured monster didn't follow them, it didn't like the lobby's bright lights! Was the one keeping this place in shape aware of that? If so, does that mean he or she is somewhere on this floor? Or was he on another floor where it was less likely for these creatures to find him?

Those creatures probably had more deadly hunting skills in the dark, and with sharp hearing they're like bats, they can detect where the victum is using soundwaves, meaning that they were weaker in the light and relied souly on their hearing.

Also, they might use their sense of smell, but thus far, he had nothing solid to proove regarding that thoery...

He turned to Tobi and with a single finger, tapped the side of his head and pointing to his ears, and made a negative gesture, before making a 'zip your lips' and shushing signal. He knew she was smart, she probably figured it out already, but even so he let her know, just in case.

Again, he turned to the monster that had now padded towards the pencil, it began to peer at it as if expecting it to move, and then gestured for Tobi to follow as he oh-so-painfully slow, took the can out of his belt. He knew shaking it now would make a sound that would attackt the beast, but if it's blind, it wont jump at him, right?

He handed Tobi the can, and signaled for her to move away to the side. Not too far, he didn't want that thing to jump at her before he could do something to prevent it, but far enough so if the beast did jump, he'd be able to whack it a good one, without fearing of clobbering Tobi if she's within chucking-zone.

He took his chucks and took a few steps towards the door, and holding the two wooden bars together, he gently shook the links, a soft rattling sound came. Instantly, the beast's head whirled towards him, and a dog like snarl came, as it slowly paced towards him, it's mirage-like body hazily dancing across the room... it didn't look like it would jump at him yet, but the jaw hanging in midair didn't look too assuring.