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28 February 2007 @ 01:13 pm
Of Voyerism and Kidnapping  
Who: Kitty, and anyone who wishes to stumble across her. (PLEASE JOIN!)
What: Kitty's been exploring, she's been gathering data, and she's more than ready to figure out what the hell is going on!
When: Day One, and there is no real time, seeing as Kitty isn't keeping track, so beh. After she met Fem-Leo

Well, Kitty had gathered certain information all on her own, without really needing to consult anyone else, not that she'd found very many others as of yet. The young woman was actually handling things with a certain exceeding calmness, which was a feat for her, considering she didn't usually have to save the day back home on her own. She was used to being on a team, even if she played a nice part on the team, she wasn't used to being alone like this, strugging to figure out what was going on. She had never felt so stupid in her life, so out of the loop. Kitty always knew what was going on, and when she didn't, she figured it out pretty freaking fast! This was one of the first real acceptsions she could even think of.

Space ship. She knew they were on some sort of ship, which was obviously at some sort of region in space, that was easy enough to tell, and she had seen enough of that once looking out the window. It wasn't like normal Earth, it wasn't like it would have been. She didn't see the familiar green and blue marble-esque planet. The atmosphere was an obscure hue, not nearly anything that looked normal or safe, and Kitty knew well enough not to try phasing out into such a thing. That would have been a death wishmore than likely. She wasn't a stupid one, deduction could lead one to so many different things!

 There were also cameras set up and about in the hallways, and it seemed as if they were strategically placed. There had to be a purpose behind them, which Kitty had construed mostly as something close to the equivalent of voyerism, seeing as it was more than creepy. Who'd heard of having carmeras everywhere? That was one big clue for Kitty that someone was behind this, meaning it had to be purposeful and not accidental or random, likely or not. There had been a certain amount of effort put into this place, or at least some sort of strategy.

It looked, or appeared to be abandoned, and Kitty didn't like that, it was one thing that caused her some worry, she was feeling rather pressed to figure out what was going on, and she had to be safe rather than sorry, which was why she was walking through a hallway on her floor solid as the day she was born. That was right, she wasn't phasing, which was a feat for her, considering she was actually fearful of what would happen in this place. Her fear had been pushed to the side for the time being, though, she had to be her own leader for this, she couldn't just be a strategist or  a spy in this situation, she was alone, no one else to work with from what she'd seen so far, or at least she hadn't talked anyone into working with her as of yet. She had phased through a fairly nice person earlier, but Kitty had to shake that off. She couldn't dwell on things, couldn't regret not asking the other woman if she wanted to form a party of sorts to search this place out.

Her footsteps were silent, not making a sound, which was mostly from her training with the Xmen, she had been getting used to taking on more silent role. Her petit form wasn't exactly intimidating, and she was weaponless, which she didn't mind seeing as she didn't care for violence that much, but she would be able to handle herself if the need arose, or she thought she would. Either way, she hadn't lost her capability to phase, which was probably the most important thing for her, she relied on her mutation, and had learned to live with the fact that it was supposed to be at her disposal. The woman had heard noises earlier, but it hadn't been certain from where they were coming, so she couldn't really help. She only hoped that if there were many others around that they were left unscathed.

Rounding around a corner, Kitty gave a squeak of surprise upon catching the slight fleet of movement from something. Was it like the beast, of sorts, that she had recieved information about earlier? She hadn't seen much of it, and she didn't really want to, she didn't want to run into anything dangerous, she'd rather not have to deal with it, but it seemed luck wasn't on her side, whatever it was turned around, and Kitty saw it, saw the glimps, the flicker of the body that seemed mostly nonvisible. Her chocolate eyes studied over what she could see as she backed up, her mind already calculating how fast she could run. She might be able to give it a good chase and not risk phasing. IT was always worth a nice try, she couldn't phase too much, it might end her up somewhere dangerous, so, Kitty took in a breath before she allowed her body to dart in the opposite direction, the beast following behind her. The creature's each step, each stride could be heard, and the mousy woman didn't know how far she could get with this thing on her curtails. Kitty's legs pumped, it was a good thing that she actually kept in shape, as she rounded a corner she'd already been past and looked around, searching for somewhere to dodge into, but she didn't see anywhere that would really be safe, the woman had been so focused upon her planning that she hadn't heard the creature gain on her until the last moment. Kitty gave a startled noise as the creature made a jump for her, heading straight at her. This was it, she wasn't going to get herself dismembered because she wanted to be careful about phasing, she reverted her molecules in a slight panic, before feeling her body sink through the ground just as the creature would have come crashing down upon her. Well, Kitty had escaped that, and she was already in phase form, best not waste it. She moved lower, going down to the floor below and touching down before leaning against a wall, making a muffled noise in her throat. That had been close, too close....

"Oh hell.... that was close..."

That wasn't normal for Kitty, she usually refrained from cursing, but for the moment it was acceptable, considering she had been in imminent danger only moments ago. She seemed to be safe now, but for how long? And would she ever find anyone?

((OOC: PLEASE JOIN! Not all posts will be uber long, I promise. I really want some Kitten action....*gives puppy pout*))

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tobi_ridley on February 28th, 2007 07:33 pm (UTC)
Tobi takes her bloodied bandana and stuffs it in her pocket, making a mental note to clean it later. She follows Mikey up the stairwell to the higher levels, still gripping the mop handle he'd given her earlier. She looks around warily, straining to since any more of the monsters, but as they go it seems that another attack is less and less likely, so she soon starts using the pole as a sort of long walking stick.

The father up they go, the nicer and better maintained the hallways and wards start to look. The lights are brighter and there isn't as much dust on the furniture they pass. Tobi smiles, any feelings of dread or fright she may have had quickly melting off.

"What do you think we'll find up here, Mikey? Do you think someone actually lives up here? Like the person that brought us here??"
nexus_champion on February 28th, 2007 07:44 pm (UTC)
"Well, the place looks pretty well maintained, and maybe even lived in, the only dissagreement is that I dont sense a thing. It's almost as is no one lived here in years." he murmured. He didn't feel any of the warmth in the air, that someone had at least passed by this place before, it felt cold, icy cold, and with- an air of dampness, sadness, in a way; he couldnt really describe it.

Their voices echoed softly in the halls, but so far there was no fear of being attacked. The level they were on was the third floor, the only other place where the bridge conecting the assumed watchtower was located. Going up the stairs led them here, as it was the last floor avilable, if they wanted to go any higher, they'll need to use the elevator, and so far they were all broken.

"When we find anything plastic, remember to put your headwrap in it, okay? I bet my blood had soaked your clothes enough, if those things came again, they'd be confused if they sensed that there were two of me." he smiled, though it was tainted with concern, "It may not be a good idea if they thought you were me and attacked you, so we need to get that thing cleaned whenever possible."

and he paused, blinked and pointed forwards with his bandaged left hand. "Look! It's a directory!" he grinned, eyeing a large, wall-sized map hung over an empty reception desk. "It's like walking into some high class lawyer office..." he commented, going closer to the map.
tobi_ridley on February 28th, 2007 07:51 pm (UTC)
"Well if those monsters do come back, I don't have any problem with letting them chase me around and letting you have a break," she replies with a grin, "Besides, I need the exercise."

She follows his gesture and spots a huge map mounted on the wall. It depicts the entire space station, and looks a lot better then the map on the intranet page. She examines it a bit, then exclaims happily, "There's another bridge one level up! We can get to the main part of the space station from there. And according to this thing... There are docking ports in the main tower. Maybe we can find a ship that'll get us out of here??"

She looks around the desk and makes another happy cry. "Paper!! <3" There's a stack of printer paper in a basket on the desk. She leans over the desk to grab it, and over balances and tumbles over the desk to crash on her head on the other side. Before Mikey can worry about her, she pops up and snags the stack of paper, hugging it to her plastron. "Paper! Wonderful, blank, writeable, white paper! Yay!! <3"
nexus_champion on February 28th, 2007 08:05 pm (UTC)
He laughed, this girl was reminding him how goshdarn Cute she was! <3

"Careful with that, no need for papercuts, you know." he teased, and then eyed the makeshift dufflebag she carried, "Is the laptop in one piece, or is there anything useful over there, besides the paper and printer?" he smiled, before looking at the map again.

"Well, at least now we know that this place wasn't designed just for cavilians, since it showes the map of almost everything." he said, studying the map a bit more. If he was Don, Donny would have had this thing memorized in a second, but he wasn't the brainy turtle, so he had to do a mental check list with what leads to where and why.
intangible_kit on February 28th, 2007 08:09 pm (UTC)
Kitty's heart was beating quickly, she couldn't get a hold on it for the moment, her adrenaline was pumping. She hadn't been faced with danger that really caused such things in so long, really. This place just caused her to worry even more. The girl remained leaning against the wall, taking in a few deep breaths and collecting her thoughts.

What was she going to do? She was on a different floor now, so she'd have to start her search all over again, and she didn't know about this floor, she hadn't seen it yet. The only thing to do was be weary and systematic about it, she supposed. She didn't have any other choice,especially since she had just damned near gotten her butt slammed.

Perking up as she heard voices floating down the hallway, Kitty tucked loose hair behind her ear, pushing from the wall and taking a look around her. It looked much the same as it had on the floor above, which didn't cause Kitty's spirits to soar any, in fact, it gave her a sense of dreat. It seemed so dead, the atmosphere of disdain and horror. She didn't like it, and it caused a slight shiver to go through her before she headed down the hall, attempting to follow the voices, seeing as she was far too curious for her own good.

Then it hit her! What if it was another danger? What if it was something that was a ploy to lure someone in? Well, that wasn't a good line of thought, but it was more than just a possibility. Kitty couldn't just leave it alone, though, she had to see, had to check upon what was going on. The woman couldn't just keep going around with seeing anyone, that would make things even worse, really. She couldn't leave it alone, often Kitty's curiosity got the better of her and this would be one such time.

Taking in a breath, Kitty noted she was getting closer, and she could make out at least two seperate voices, one distinctly male and the other obviously female to her ears. Once Kitty reached a corner, she knew she was close, she could make out everything said, and she felt quite stupid, as if she were spying for no reason. Why should she stay in the back, away from people? Even if it was another danger, Kitty had a back up. Well, she wasn't going to stand there listening in all day.

Kitty didn't bother being secretive, she calmly, or as calm as she could muster, walked around the corner, her chocolate orbs taking in the sight before her. They both put her right in mind of Leo, the woman she had met earlier. Kitty felt relieved pretty quickly that they weren't monsters, and let out a breath of air she hadn't realized she was holding. She'd found others!

"Wow, just when I was beginning to think there weren't many people here at all."

Kitty offered a smile, almost always her default setting as she caught sight of what they were looking at, she had moved closer, the directory and a desk.... There was more to this place than Kitty had thought. With luck she might be able to hack into the cameras and other things and gain control...Things might just get better.


The greeting came out slightly sheepish, but rather friendly. That was Kitty's nature, and she wasn't about to hold that in. It felt kind of like a relief to have found others to begin with...Hopefully they might be able to offer some sort of something!
tobi_ridley on February 28th, 2007 08:15 pm (UTC)
She starts to reply, but then she hears an unfamiliar female voice. She turns her head in the direction of the sound and the paper slips from her numb hands to flutter to the floor. Her eyes become wide with terror and her mouth falls open in disbelief.

Years of fighting for her life and the lives of her loved ones against creatures that look like this person have deafened her to her words. All Tobi can see is a monster that can easily destroy her and her new friend. Something a lot more scary then any alien-bug like invisible beast.

A second later she leaps over the desk, and shoves Mikey back, leveling her mop at the stranger. "A HUMAN!! I should have known that YOUR KIND was behind this!” she snarls. “Stay away from us! I’m warning you!!”
nexus_champion on February 28th, 2007 08:23 pm (UTC)
Mike, startled by the new arrival, cursed himself for not sensing her approch. Was she the one who peeked down at him through the elevator shaft? Probably, but before he could say anything, Tobi shows him her fighting side and faces off the woman. Mike blinks, furrowes in confusion and concern, and then glances up at the woman before them.

"Um, Tobi, I dont think she's a threat," he murmured, "I dont feel any bad vibes or anything." he added, wondering if his companion had sensed something he hadn't. Nevertheless, he tries to ready himself for whatever might come, even if he feels neutral, there was just nothing odd about the woman; frankly, she looked harmless.
tobi_ridley on February 28th, 2007 08:28 pm (UTC)
Tobi glances at Mikey over her shoulder wearing a look of abject disbelief. "Not a threat?!" she scoffs, "You come from a world full of these things! It's. A. HUMAN."

Never the less, she takes another look at the girl. Mikey doesn't seem overly concerned, and he didn't detect her presence... Maybe she wasn't really a treat. She wasn't armed at least.

...In fact she looked almost as lost as Tobi felt.

Tobi growls between her teeth and slowly lowers her staff. "I'm watching you, human... You make one bad move and I'll whack you one!"
nexus_champion on February 28th, 2007 08:36 pm (UTC)
Not really sure how to reply to that, Mike decides to keep an eye on the woman, and then pets Tobi's shoulder. "Yes, I understand, but remember that I told you from where I come from, only a rare few understand and accept us." he murmured so only Tobi could hear, "Once you get to know them better, you can then judge if they're friends or foe." he assured.

He gave her shoulder a squeeze, before he sent the new woman a friendly, but nonchalant look, "Hello there yourself, we were wondering if there were others in this place." he rambled, "How long have you been here?" he arched a brow.
intangible_kit on February 28th, 2007 09:55 pm (UTC)

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Well, Kitty hadn't been expecting to be welcomed by the two with warm hugs and chatting as if they were friends. She didn't know them, obviously. She hadn't expected anything like what happened, though. The other female seemed to panic, to react badly, which caused Kitty to stop in her tracks, not moving a muscle. She wasn't an idiot, she was unarmed and everything.

The pure panic coming from the female turtle caused Kitty's chocolate orbs to widen a bit in concern and shock, really. She hadn't done anything, and she didn't plan on it either. Wow, what had been done to the poor girl? Kitty didn't think she wanted to know, but she didn't want to get herself into a bind either. She stepped back once, holding her hands up, the male speaking after her.

"I'm not involved in any of this, I just woke up here."

Kitty felt this was odd. Usually when someone spoke about her kind it was in refrence to mutants, not humans. Ironic. They were seemingly not going to chase her away, and Kitty felt completely odd.

"If you want I'll stay away from you, but really, I don't mean any harm..."

How could Kitty look intimidating or scare someone? She wouldn't hurt a fly unless forced. She even offered them a sweet smile, her hands still poised in the air.

"I'm Kitty... and I've been here for quite a while, I was on one of the upper levels."

She was really trying! She actually considered revealing her mutant status, but decided not to, feeling that might not be good to divulge, not for the moment at least.
nexus_champion on February 28th, 2007 09:59 pm (UTC)
Mike quirked a brow, then cocked his head aside, "From the upper floor?" he inquired, paused and then glanced at the ceiling, "And- how, pry tell, did you come from the upper floor? We just came from the staircase the the elevators are broken." Now he was gettign suspicious, perhaps Tobi was correct in her unease.

He was thinking of introducing himself and show some friendlyness, but now that she mentioned coming from the floor above them, that wasn't even connected to this side by any possible path, had him thinking she was here to play a trick. Her innocence only seemed to work as a mask over it all, and he was leaning more and more to believe Tobi's words over this kitty girl.
intangible_kit on February 28th, 2007 10:07 pm (UTC)
Kitty's eyes were focused upon the one that didn't see her as much of a threat, she blinked at his question as he glanced at the ceiling, and then his explination. Wow Kitty had set herself up for a doozey on that one. She held in a laugh at her own stupidity and lowered her hands, her smile still remaining.

"I didn't exactly look for the stairs or elevator. I...phased."

She had to admit it, she wasn't going to lie, and her smile actually fell a bit, she didn't like offering up that information, used to hiding it from everyone, but she had to tell them, they already didn't trust her, and Kitty needed to find allies of some sort.

"I am a human, but technically I'm a mutant."

It was out, and Kitty was left with a down face, she wasn't very happy with that. She didn't like admitting such to anyone. She was afraid, it always brought about bad things, the only consolation was that they couldn't hurt her or anything. Kitty only hoped that her truthfullness would help her in this situation instead of causing them to distrust her more. The young woman didn't want to be stuck all alone...
nexus_champion on February 28th, 2007 10:14 pm (UTC)
"Phased?" Mike echoed, translating the word in his mind. "Phase-like walk through a wall- phase? Or like teleporting?" He asked, becoming curiouse and now interested in that tidbit. "Either way, I'd be lying if I said I dont completly disbelieve you. Being what I am kinda makes it easy to believe less wacko things." he murmured.

"And- well, I dunno about you, but I'm a mutant myself, and I gotta say you don't look like a mutant at all." he crossed his arms over his plastron, then shifted his weight to one side in a casual stance. He glanced at Tobi, wanting to hear her input about the matter, "What do you think?"
intangible_kit on February 28th, 2007 10:37 pm (UTC)
Kitty lifted a brow, slightly curious about the reaction and then again, feeling as if it wasn’t nearly what she thought it would have been. Well, at least no one wanted to form a lynch mob to go after her ass or anything. Kitty smiled slightly, back onto her default setting, as per normal, and tilted her head. She had explained phasing before, and didn’t have a problem, really.

“Phasing, walking through things, though it isn’t always walking, I can move up and down, moving atop molecules and whatnot.”

Kitty sounded slightly scientific along with patient and helpful, as per usual, that was her. She was a scientist in ways, she was a technological genius, and sciences were her forte most of the time. She wasn’t sure if it was a good thing that it was believable. It should have been odd, it would be for most, and Kitty could admit that, she’d explained what she was to more than enough people over the years what with being an Xman, but this seemed to be too easy. It didn’t really matter if anyone believed her, eventually they’d probably get to see her phase one way or another, Kitty didn’t figure it was worth it to keep it a tightly kept secret, as long as it didn’t put her in danger…

Kitty did give a smile of amusement at the part about her not looking like a mutant. Science could definitely explain that, and she tilted her head the opposite way, already knowing that she probably knew more about genetics and mutations than the person she was speaking to.

“Not all mutations are physical appearance in the true essence of the science. My genetic mutation has more to do with the evolutionary chain, and progression coming before it’s time and the lot, the extra gene being one that gives me my mutation, or ability instead of changing my physical features.”

Kitty had explained. She knew what she was talking about, she’d listened to enough of the political and scientific studies to have memorized much of the actual process by now. She grew quiet, watching the female turtle, Tobi as she had been called, waiting for her input as well. She’d leave if they asked her to. She’d leave them alone, it was all up to them. She wouldn’t force anything or whatnot.
tobi_ridley on March 1st, 2007 12:45 am (UTC)
Tobi flexes her grip on the mop handle and glares uneasily at Kitty. Was this female really a human...? She seemed so... sweet. She smiled and she was kind and cooperative. She didn't act anything at all like any of the humans Tobi had encountered before.

And then she had called herself a mutant. Tobi blinks, then straightens up, her aggression melting away. "I think she's telling the truth," she says, a hint of disbelief at her own admission in her voice. She looks at Mikey and shrugs, "She's not acting like a human at all. She MUST be a mutant."

"But the only way to be sure..." she continues, leveling a serious look at Kitty, "Let's see you prove it. Let's see you do this phasing thing."
intangible_kit on March 1st, 2007 01:23 am (UTC)
It felt a bit odd to be under the microscope so to speak. Kitty wasn't sure if she liked being studied and judged like this. It was all over her frist impression and how she seemed. She just wasn't sure about it. She was human, but she was definitely a special type of human, she didn't have the heart to be mean, but that was just Kitty, really.

She wasn't sure if she liked being talked about as if she weren't there either. It felt quite odd and Kitty blinked, listening to the two of them confer, while she toyed with the hem of her sweater, quietly. Tobi, she thought she was telling the truth, but she thought odd things about humans. Kitty wasn't sure what had happened to the girl, but obviously it was something, and Kitty was curious. Kitty acted like a human, as far as she was concerned, but who knew? Kitty was a mutant, and she suspected proof would be needed, and it was.

Kitty smiled at Tobi and the other one, who she'd yet to get a name from.


This wasn't a big deal for Kitty, she'd phased for smaller reasons before. Kitty didn't even really have to think or concentrate as her molecules shifted and she was intangible before she began to sink downward, through the floor. Kitty moved to the right and almost instantly she was going up a foot or so to the right, her whole body moving up through the ground, settling her perfectly. She even did another demonstration, sticking her hand through the wall, quirking a brow.

"Do you believe me, was that good enough?"

She smiled at them, friendly.
nexus_champion on March 1st, 2007 02:11 am (UTC)
Mike blinked an amazement and have a whistle, "Sweet! Wouldn't Bishop like to have a piece of you." he joked, but then realized the girls probably had no clue who Bishop was, so he shrugged, "Erm- inside joke, I doubt you'd get it." he smiled and sheepishly waced a hand at Kitty, then turned to Tobi and sent her a friendly, almost opoligetic smile. "I kinda get the impression she's telling the truth, and thus inclined to trust her."

Then he turned to Kitty, "Well, your story is believeable enough, and it's kinda hard to argue with someone who can go through solid floors." he started to show a more friendly attitude and grinned, "We might actually need your skill while we're here; too many locked doors, if ya know what I mean." he smirked.

"I'm Michelangelo, by the way, you can just call me Mike." he then smiled, feeling that it was safe to trust her.
intangible_kit on March 1st, 2007 02:46 am (UTC)
Kitty felt her molecules return to solid form, rather easily, it took no effort, reall effort, on her part. She thought that demonstration should have sufficed, and it seemed that the male was satisfied. He seemed slightly amazed, which some were when they saw what Kitty could do. She gave a smile, not a self satisfied one, but a friendly one, tilting her head at what he said, quirking a curious brow. She didn't get it, though she had been sought after before, if that was what his inclination was. It didn't matter, though, she only listened to him turn to Tobi, watching them carefully, not moving any closer to the two out of caution.

She was addressed, though, and Kitty nodded at him, noting his attitude change to rather friendly actually. Kitty was pretty glad about that.

"Good to know you believe me now."

She commented offering him a nice half smile, showing no hard feelings, really. Kitty's nature was to be friendly and polite among other things.

"Locked doors, hm...seems someone wants people kept out of certain places."

Kitty's smile grew to something akin to a smirk. She couldn't be kept out of anything usually, and now was one of those times, really. She noted the name and made the connection right away, smiling at him, grinning more like.

"Well, it's nice to meet you, Mike...your name, it reminds me of Michelangelo Buonarroti from the Renaissance."

Oh yeah, Kitty knew too much for her own good sometimes.
tobi_ridley on March 1st, 2007 11:29 am (UTC)
Tobi said she believed her, but she was still surprised when the girl actually started sinking through the floor! Her mouth fell open in shock, but she quickly snapped it shut. Now she was trying hard to hide a grin.

Human's can't sink through floors or go through walls! This chick must really BE a mutant. Like Mikey! …Waaaaitaminute, am I the only non-mutant here?

Mikey states that he’s inclined to believe her and Tobi nods enthusiastically to his comment. She steps forward after him, and extends her own hand after Mikey makes his introduction. “And I’m Tobi. What did you say your name was?” she smiles.

At Kitty’s remark about Mikey’s namesake she blinks and grins at her fellow turtle. She’s a smart girl, but she’ll really get a kick if Mikey ever tells her his brother’s names.
nexus_champion on March 1st, 2007 01:55 pm (UTC)
Mike grined at Kitty and how she quickly figured out where it came from, "That's where I got the name, actually." He said, and simply left it at that.

He looked at the directory still on the large wall, before he moved around the counter to collect the paper, what's enough to make enough copies of each floor and whatnot. Right now, he sort of considered himself the leader, being a male with two females. Even if they could fight, he liked to think they might rely on him in some way, and he had to be ready.

Once collecting the paper, he neatly stacked them and then moved towards the printer, playing with the buttons to check if it had ink in it. It did, but the thing needed a bit of shaking to unharden the liquid inside. The ink inside had grown hard with lack of useage and passing of time.

He glanced at Tobi, "Could you get the laptop, please? I wanna see if we can connect these together to get the maps printed out." he told her, and then turned to Kitty, not wanting her to feel neglected, "So anyway, did you find anything interesting while you were here?"
tobi_ridley on March 1st, 2007 02:48 pm (UTC)

Tobi nods and puts her sack on the table, then carefully pulls out the laptop. She boots it up and signs on, then hands it to Mikey with a smile, "Here ya go."

She keeps an eye on Kitty, just in case, but it isn't an aggressive gesture, just a cautious one. "Can we try to save a few sheets of paper?" she asks, unnecessarily giving Mikey a puppy-eyed look as he starts up the printer, "Y'know so I can have something to draw on? Please?" Her big, doeish brown eyes might even give his puppy-eyed look a run for the money.

It occurs to Tobi that her eyes are the same color as Kitty's, and that small similarity does wonders to further the lack of hostilities between the two girls. Where Tobi comes from, eye color is extremely varied. A reptile from Tobi's world could recognize family resemblance just by the tiny nuisances of eye color as easily as humans distinguish each other by skin color. If Tobi were a mutant or Kitty were a turtle, they’d be mistaken for sisters.

Tobi offers a bemused grin to Kitty before continuing to assist Mikey with the printer. “She has the same color eyes as me…” she whispers to Mikey, forgetting that he isn’t from her planet and won’t understand the significance.
nexus_champion on March 1st, 2007 03:21 pm (UTC)
"So? I have the same eye color as both of you," Mike murmured, not really understanding the statement. Meanwhile, he was busy stacking the paper into the copymachine/printer, and then picked a portion of the paper sheets, what was worth a scetchbook, at least. "Would this be enough?" He asked, already he was neatly stuffing it into the makeshift dufflebag.

He furrowed, "Hmm, we need a real bag, this pillow case wont carry much." he murmured, and then glanced across the room, "There should be a janitor room around here somewhere, hopefully I might find something more reliable or whorthwhile." he paused, to send Kitty a friendly smile, before he looked at Tobi again, "Is it okay with you if I go wonder around for a moment?" he asked, not sure if Tobi would feel comfortable being left alone with the new arrival.
tobi_ridley on March 1st, 2007 03:29 pm (UTC)
Tobi just laughs and shakes her head at his remark about him having the same eye color as she and Kitty. Yes his eyes are brown, but there is a very subtle difference in the color that Mikey can't seem to detect.

"Yes, that's plenty. Thanks," she grins and shoulders her bag again, noticing that it IS getting pretty full and pretty heavy.

"Yeah, that's fine," she replies when he plans on finding a janitor closet, "Just be careful, okay? Stay in shouting distance, just in case you need help or something."

She takes a seat on the desk top and looks at Kitty again with a small smile.
nexus_champion on March 1st, 2007 03:41 pm (UTC)
"Yes ma'am." he smiles teasingly, and then after setting the printer, it chugs and sputters for a minute, before it churns and whirres to life, soon shaking a little as the papers dissapear from one side and slowly produce the freshly printed paper in the other.

Thankfully, after hooking the laptop and accessing the data of the maps, configuring the printer to make two copies out of each map, they'll be getting one clean map for a backup print, and another to mark the rooms they had checked, and mark the places explored from the places that might be a threat.

"Okay, while this thing prints all the papers we need, I'm gonna go round the place and look for the elevator lounge, be back in a moment." He chirped, already walking past Kitty and towards the lobby she had come from. But then he paused and twirled around to Tobi, "Oh, and if you see those nasty things again, whistle, okay?" he said in conceren.

"This place is pretty well lit and I don't think it's likely for it to pop in a place like this, but just to be safe, I'll whistle back and it'll probably get distracted with the noise." he told, sent Kitty a glance, and then continued into the lobby...
tobi_ridley on March 1st, 2007 04:01 pm (UTC)
She smiles and nods, even offering a cat-call whistle as he walks away, just to prove that she can whistle. She watches his shell and the way his muscled legs move as he walks away, and makes no attempt to hide the fact that she's ogling him.

She looks at Kitty and grins like an idiot. "Can't help myself," she giggles when she thinks that Mikey can't hear her anymore, "He's just so damn hot!"

She watches the printer as it churns out a pile of maps and starts sorting them into two separate piles. She starts marking off the rooms and halls that they've already been though on one of the stacks of maps, and even makes notes of where they've seen the monsters.
intangible_kit on March 1st, 2007 11:02 pm (UTC)
Kitty felt a bit better, especially since they were both lightening up on her. She hadn't felt too confident when she'd seen their reaction. It really was an odd reaction considering Kitty was friendly, and she was usually someone that people didn't fear, considering her stature and she didn't look like she could do much. Kitty was rather glad, and felt relief, that was a good thing.

"I'm Kitty."

She offered her name again, just to be sure that they both knew it. She wasn't extremely loud for the moment, and she hadn't a reason to be. Kitty actually gave a nice sized grin at the fact that Mikey was actually named after the man from The Renaissance, and it really just caused her to give a slight laugh. That was an interesting thing to know, and a great person to be named after, really.

Kitty stayed quiet, letting the other two consider what they were doing, already having caught up. She had figured out that they had obviously searched a certain amount of this place so far. She was asked if she found anything interesting, and she gave a small snort.

"Some creature chased me, that's the only reason I'm even down here, and that's about the most interesting thing."

Kitty could admit it, it wasn't as if she'd been scathed in the fray or anything. She wasn't worried about it. Kitty remained quiet, and blinked curiously, crossing her arms as she kept her distance, just to be careful. She didn't want to get her ass kicked or anything. She did have her smile settled upon her face, though, she was always friendly.

Mikey was going after something, and Kitty followed him with her eyes. She was slightly worried, if there were more creatures around, then it could be dangerous for them, not so much for her, though. IT seemed that they'd come across one of the creatures or something, though, because he knew how to deal with it, which was more than Kitty knew, she'd ran... The catcall made Kitty blink and grin even bigger, her smile almost teasing.

"Well, that's cute! He seems really nice."

Kitty's eyes went to the printer, and she peered at it curiously. She hadn't been in many places at all yet. Kitty couldn't really stop her grin. She was already considering leaving the two alone, seeing as they got alone, but she didn't want to be alone, damn, that just wouldn't work. Kitty could always just butt out, but what fun would that be.

"You're name is Tobi, right?"

Kitty asked politely, leaving her grin on, her natural setting.

((OOC:Sorry it took so long, I had a surgery today, and I was away. I's back.))
nexus_champion on March 1st, 2007 11:27 pm (UTC)
((in a seperate post because he's alone, and I hope you had good luck with that surgery! D: ))

Mike had wondered down the lobby and came across a dinning room like the one in the lower floor, but this one didn't have any food, instead it looked barren, if not slightly neglected. The place wasn't dirty or dusty, but there was a dead lightbulb on the far back corner, near a camera that looked worse for wears, and the things had evedently gone fritz, but no one bothered to fix it. It was the first broken camera he had found so far, though.

Not really interested in that, he carried on his way towards the next junction, where as the elevator lounge should be. Quietly, he made his way across with ease, aiming to pry the emptied elevator shaft open. But when he spotted the three doors, he blinked; there was a forth door on this floor! Now really curiouse he walked up to it and pressed the button, and wouldn't you know it? The thing opned with ease.

Mike was highly tempted to go up and explore the place, but he didn't want to go up there and get stuck facing whatever obscure doom awaits. Besides, Tobi might get anxiouse if he took too long, and he didn't want her or Kitty to end up facing something while he was away. Instead, he allowed the doors to close, and then paced towards the other side of the lounge, just to check.

He paused, then stiffneed slightly. There was a split path, to the left or the right, but the right path was growing dimmer in the distance, broken lights and shattered glass litteed the floor... and at least ten feet away, he could spot- splotches on the ground. Dark, marred splotches. The far away window was enough to shed a little light on the copper colord stains...

There were hands marks on the floor too, -some where human like, and some were not,- drawing lines on the floor, as if someone was dragged away and was desperetly trying to claw onto the floor. Mike shuddred uncomfortably, this area felt cold and dead and very uncomfortable. He rubbed his shoudlers for warmth, and then another prickle came.

He didn't want to stay here, something told him it wasn't safe... Quietly, but maybe just a little too hastefully, he back tracked towards the reception lobby, he had to share his find and check where the forth elevator went.
tobi_ridley on March 1st, 2007 11:40 pm (UTC)
"Mikey's a babe. He’s a sweetheart too. He’s already saved my life twice and he doesn’t seem to mind that I’m such a dork." Tobi smiles warmly, then laughs and adds in her native geek-speak, "He roxxors my soxxors."

She stiffens a little as Kitty nears, but she shrugs the feeling away, reminding herself that she isn't like the humans that attacked her planet. “Yeah, my name is Tobi,” she replies, “I’m from Earth, but not the same version as Mikey. Where are you from?”

After a while she glances at the lock on her laptop and bites her lip. Mikey’s been gone several minutes. She hopes that he’s alright. …Don’t worry about him, Tobi, she scolds herself, He’s probably more capable of protecting himself then you are.
intangible_kit on March 2nd, 2007 12:06 am (UTC)
Kitty grinned and gave a small giggle at Tobi's words, all too understanding with her plight. She'd had crushes before, and she'd sounded quite the same, though she definitely wouldn't have admitted it at all.

"Oh you've got it bad, and it's adorable."

Kitty commented, giving a big amused nod. Kitty didn't move much closer to Tobi, though, the girl had stiffened, and kitty wasn't going to push it, she wasn't a stupid one, she ws well aware of the girl's feelings, and she would respect them.

"It's really nice to meet you Tobi, and I'm from Earth as well, originally Deerfield, but I've spent most of my life in Manchester, New York."

They were all from Earth, but different versions? Kitty noticed the time tick by, and she gave a worried glance in the direction that Mikey had gone off in.

"He can handle himself, right?"

Kitty inquired, unsure as to whether she should worry."
tobi_ridley on March 2nd, 2007 01:40 am (UTC)
Tobi jerks a bit at Kitty's comment about her 'having it bad'. She blinks a couple of times in disbelief, then she blushes brightly and looks away. "Erhg, ah... I d-don't... He's just... Y'know." She coughs and rubs the back of neck, "Yeah, okay, so maybe I have a liiiiiiittle thing for him. But he's not really interested in me, so... whatever." She shrugs and smiles, trying hard to make it look like she doesn't care.

"You've from New York too?? You and Mikey are both mutants from New York," she says thoughtfully, "That's a heck of a coincidence."

She glances at the clock again, a little worry showing on her face, but she smiles reassuringly. "Mikey's a four time inter-dimentional fighting competition champion," she says proudly, "He's more then capable of handling himself. You should have seen him when that dog-monster bust into his room! And he even knocked the teeth out of the first monster we ran into.”
nexus_champion on March 2nd, 2007 02:05 am (UTC)
"And I'll probably be paying it's doctor bills, too." He commented from the shadows. He missed the beginning of the conversation, so he didn't catch the part with the 'cruch' denile.

He walked back into the lobby with a weary grin, but a grin nonetheless. "Missed me?" he he added teasingly, and advanced towards the two girls, glad to see they weren't uncomfortable with each other, and seemed rather relaxed so far.

"Okay, I got some good news, some better news, and some bad news." he stopped a few feet away and took a casual stance, "The good news is, the elevator longe isn't too far from here and the path is pretty clear. The better news, I found a forth elevator that probably connects this floor with the last two, and possibly the watchtower." he grinned, then it faltered, "but- um, the bad news, there is a dark, dingy, blood stained and cold, reeks-of-death lobby right next to it, and I keep getting goosebumps just thinking about it." he said grimly.

"I don't think there was any god thingy there, and I don't think it sensed me, but I dunno how reliable that is, or if the forth elevator is in functional order. It opned and closed just fine, but I dunnp if it's well maintained and can take the weight of three people. Four, if you count my shell, cause it's kinda heavy, just so you'd know." he gave a sheepish shrug."
intangible_kit on March 2nd, 2007 02:48 am (UTC)
"Not interested....I don't know if I'd agree."

Kitty had commented, with a grin. There was definitely something there, but maybe it just was her imagining things, Kitty was good at seeing things others didn't or couldn't at times. Kitty found it funny that both she and Mikey were from New York and she tucked that away for later refrence in case she wanted to look into things.

Kitty figured that if Mikey was a champion of any sort that he could handle himself. Mikey showed back up and Kitty gave him a smile and tilted her head, paying close attention. She made no comment about missing him, though. Elevators...Kitty hated elevators, and her frown and look of distaste could show that. This didn't sound fun at all and Kitty paled slightly at the mention of blood.

"If there's a problem with the elevator, I can phase us up. I can handle at least two other people when phasing."

Kitty offered, she hated elevators...