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02 March 2007 @ 05:25 am
A new Path. A new Hope.  

Who: Mike, Tobi and Kitty... anyone else feel free to hop in!
What: With the Trio united, they are to embark on a journy to a new section of the station; hopefully for now, they are well prepared for whatever may block their path.
When: Day One, coming closer to 8 o'clock at night. Earth time.


After a little exploring, Michelangelo and Tobi had come across another survivor on the station. 

United with Kitty, the three echaing knowladge with their finds, in hope to establish enough feed back to figure out what they were up against. A new path had been found, but they might need to stop and rest up for now, for there was much to risk on their current location. To move on ahead unreadily might bring their demise, and they can not return home if they were to lose one of the survivors. 

There are others on the station, they know, but so far two strangers have not been located, and thus far much of the station had gone un discovered. the three will have to see what they could find, assuming they would be able to survive the threats that lurk in every corner. 

Whether or not they will find survivors from the ship's original crew, or ever find a way home, it is yet unknown. 

Again, only time will tell, if fate and lady luck is by their side. 

Current Location: Space Station, Third Floor.
Current Mood: anxiousanxious
intangible_kit on March 2nd, 2007 02:53 am (UTC)
Luck was never a steady thing, and Kitty knew that if it came to it, she'd phase both Tobi and Mikey, if she got the chance. She wasn't going to let anyone be put in danger, and despite her hate for elevators, she wasn't going to leave them, not by any means. She wasn't stupid, a group had much more chance of finding things, and staying together would keep them all safe.

It was the same sort of concept as the Xmen, they worked as a team, and that was the best way to work. The only difference was the Xmen complimented one another and worked well together, Kitty wasn't sure how well she'd be able to work with Mikey and Tobi, but she was sure as hell going to try!

The information that Mikey had given was news to Kitty, and she had heard some of what had happened to them. There were creatures around the place, and Mikey had fought two of them, in the least. Kitty knew that it could be dangerous to have too many run ins, so she didn't want to risk it. She had made her own plan, hopefully the other two wouldn't find reason to disagree.

This could all work out, hopefully.
Leonardo Hamato -female version: unsure/hands/on edgewarrior_turtlef on March 2nd, 2007 06:07 am (UTC)
((*joins in* sorry if its too many people with me here, I will vanish if required~))

Leo wipped blood from her lip, suddenly understanding why raph hated bugs so much...

She was beinging to share his sentiments, having gone back to get her swords after being attacked by a friggen giant bug, she decided it be safer to at least have her weapons and be confused with her male counterpart compared to getting eaten. She had already cleaned what wounds she had, pleased to see only minor cuts and scrapes. It made leo thankfull for smoke bombs and throwing stars more than normally.

She so far had been walking for awhile, following kitty's lead so to speak in exploring this odd place and finding out more about the bird cage o sorts that held them in.

Leo knew it be a help to at least know hallways for later on so she knew which to wander armed and unarmed. Better once again to be safe than sorry, her leader side kicking in on that point making her more wary of her surroundings.

Leo approached closer to their location staying queit not wanting anymore spider or fly beasties to try and eat her. She paused having heard some talking hoping it was at least kitty or someone.. Not a monster who was hungry.

This turtle really didn't like being eaten all that much.

Sides leo could guess she tasted horrid anyway, she doubted even burbon could spice her flavor up. (((OOC: Yes I went for humor... I hope it was bemusing~))

tobi_ridley on March 2nd, 2007 11:26 am (UTC)
Tobi notices Kitty's look of distaste when Mikey mentions the elevators and she chuckles softly to herself, "Am I the only one here that doesn’t mind elevators?"

She listens thoughtfully as Mikey lays out his findings and Kitty offers to phase them to the upper floor. The thought of moving through floors and walls makes her a little queasy. "Well... How about this then?" she pipes up, "Kitty, do you mind phasing to the upper level near the elevators? You can check to see if the elevator cable is rusted or if anything else looks unsafe. If you give us the all clear, Mikey and I will take the elevator up. If there's something dangerous up there, you can phase back down and we'll all handle it together."

She looks at Mikey and notices that he’s come back empty handed, “No bag huh?” she smirks, “No worries, I have lots of pockets. I’ll just throw some of the smaller stuff from the bad into my pockets…” She reaches over and picks up the maps she’s already begun making, “And here’s our map. If we can make it up to the next level tonight, there’s a dormitory up there we can crash in.”
nexus_champion on March 2nd, 2007 12:04 pm (UTC)
"Yeah, I could use a break from all the exploring," he murmured, looking just a little tired, "Seeing gore on an empty stomach does a number on your nerves." he smiled sheepishly. "Speaking of which, I'm starved! Think they got food up there?" he asked, now walking up closer to Tobi, and passing Kitty in his stride.

He glanced at the maps and saw that the young turtle had already marked them, so she carefully shuffled through them till he found themap of their floor, and then smirked, "Ah, here's the janitor room," he pointed at the map, and then turned to look at the path he and Tobi had come from, "According to this map, it's on the other side of that lobby, past the second turn."

He put down the map and then took a breather, "Just a sec, I'll go see if I can find anything like a duffelbag there. Be back in a jiffy." he told, and then almosy hurriedly marched towards the previous path. Hopefully, this one would most likely be safer, and have a lesser chance of monsters in it... he hoped.
tobi_ridley on March 2nd, 2007 12:23 pm (UTC)
Tobi can't help the smile that crosses her face as Mikey moves back to her side... and then her gawk of surprise when he grabs one of the maps and hurries off again. "But... But you just..." she mumbles, then grunts and tosses Kitty a very look that's very familiar to females of any species. "He just came back, and then he goes and runs off again. Murf!"

Not one to be upset about anything for long, Tobi shrugs and takes comfort knowing that Mikey'll be back shortly. She begins fishing through her pockets and produces a pair of candy bars that she snagged from the refrigerator in Mikey's room. She takes a seat on the desk again and breaks one of the candy bars in half. “Do you want a piece?” she smiles, offering a half to Kitty. “I’m going to save the other one for Mikey; I got something to eat this afternoon, but he didn’t.”
nexus_champion on March 2nd, 2007 02:40 pm (UTC)
((seperate post, again, cause he's off on his own again! :razz: and femLeo, if you're on the same floor, -though I got the impression your on the upper one, since you were on the same floor, but then she phased to the lower one,- feel free to have her meet up with Mike somehow~ :D ))

Mike didn't hear what Tobi had said, he was too absorbed into reaching the janitor room, grab a few supplies, and maybe locate a more fitting travel bag of sorts to place their items in. He had long understood Don's reluctance to leave their home without his duffle bag, especially when the brainy turtle knew they'll be a lot of investigating and whatnot to be done.

And right now, Don wished if his brothers were here, he could really use the familier company. Being on his own like this was new and a little intimidating, he was too used on working in a team. He knew Tobi could handle herself, but didn't know much about Kitty. She seemed the 'scardycat' type, and her name only seemed to tease at that direction.

He smirked to himself, only time would tell regarding that girl...

Soon, he arrived at the assumed location of the janitor room. He looked around and ignored the occational cameras, soon spotting the far door where the room was. Quietly, he made his way towards it and checked the doorknob; luckely it was unlocked, and he swung the door open. Instantly, his nostreils inhaled some dust and he fell into a sneezing fit, hacking to get the invading specks out of his lungs.

The room was a mess!!! How was it that this floor was in such fine shape, but the closet was a mess? That didn't make sense.. if all the cleaning equipment was dirty, how or who was keeping this place cleaned, and with what?

Confused, not to mention ittirated at the nasty tickle in his windpipe, he brushed some dust off his shoulders and ventured into the small space, searching carefully for anything worthwhile. He located a few more mops, some bedsheets, air freshener, toilet paper rolls-- portable potties? Ew! What did they need those for?!?!

He shook his head and glanced around, finally coming at a large, dark sports sack. It even had the symbol 'Nike' on it. As earthly as it looked, he grinned and tugged it out, before pulling it to the floor and unzipping it. He was greeted by mossy- icky and dirty sports clothes. Whoever put them here probably aimed to have them washed, but from the size of the fungi growing on them, he didn't want to take the chance of touching them. At. All!

With another shudder, he flipped it around and everything fell into a jumbled heap on the floor. The clothes reeked, and some bugs, flies and tiny roaches scurried out. 'Ew! Ew! EW! Note to self: Once you're back home, clean up your room! No way in hell do I want stuff like this coming out of my wardrobe!! That's just- EW!'
tobi_ridley on March 2nd, 2007 03:36 pm (UTC)
Tobi's nose crinkled. "What's that smell?" she muttered.

Tobi's version of Earth might have been as technologically advanced as everyone else's, but the dominate species - anthropomorphic reptiles - that called it home still hunted for their sustenance. As a result, their race retained a many of their heightened senses. Being able to smell things in the water from a mile or so away, and in the air from almost half that distance was really great when Tobi was trying to grab lunch, but not so great when someone opened a musty, nasty gym bag.

She shakes her head and puts a hand over her nostrils and she looks at Kitty, wondering why the woman didn’t find the odor as offensive. “Oh, I forgot,” she said, her voice sounding nasal and high pitched because she was covering her nostrils, “Human’s can’t smell much can they? Lucky you!”
intangible_kit on March 2nd, 2007 04:37 pm (UTC)
Kitty hated elevators for a reason! She really did, the girl's mutation effected electically ran things, and it was too often that she'd broken things.

"My mutation can disrupt electiric fields, it makes me nervous to be around things like elevators, I've broken one too many of them."

Kitty admitted. She really had broken far too many of them, and she'd ruined the electrical wiring in several places before, it wasn't exactly the type of thing people liked, but as she'd progressed she'd learned to get more careful, now she hardly ever made the mistake, but it was better to be safe rather than sorry.

Kitty had given a nod at Tobi's suggestion, she was more than capable of that, though unlike Mikey's assumption she wasn't really a complete scardy cat, she was just rather cautious. It stemmed from many things, but it was almost always something that helped her.

Kitty had the feeling that Mikey, yeah he didn't seem to like her, so she reserved herself to keep her distance and not bother him as best she could. She didn't want to gain any enemies or anger anyone, so when he left she made no comment, only giving a giggle at Tobi's attitude.

"He seems to really want to make sure everything is taken care of. He'll be back, I don't think he wants to leave you unprotected."

Kitty had mentioned Tobi a bit purposefully. She wasn't in much danger, really. Kitty could probably seperate from them, but most of her didn't want to, she wanted to keep in the 'team' mentality, and even though it seemed Mikey was in charge, Kitty's mind was running through everything, making different plans for different situations and making sure she was prepared, even thinking back to some of her training, she was prepared, and she'd try to keep the other two safe, even if she didn't seem like she was capable.

Kitty hadn't eaten all day, she had been too preoccupied, so she'd taken the offered half of the candy bar with a nice sized grin, thanking Tobi for her thoughtfullness. She munched it. Kitty didn't normally eat a whole lot either way, so the part of the candybar could keep her going for a nice little while, really.

It was quiet, almost too quiet, and Kitty couldn't smell what Tobi did, she even quirked a brow and wrinkled her nose, trying to smell for a moment.

"Fortunately for me I can't smell, I guess."

Kitty grinned and gave a small shrug, giving Tobi a look of pity. Kitty could probably have done several things... She could have checked the ventilation, but it probably wouldn't help much.

"I can try to reroute the ventilation or something if it's that bad..."

Kitty offered, trying to be helpful.
tobi_ridley on March 2nd, 2007 05:30 pm (UTC)
Tobi waves her hand in front of her muzzle and shakes her head, "No... That's okay. It's starting to clear, and anyway messing with the ventilation in a space ship probably isn't the best idea. At least not until we have a better understanding of how all this alien tech works."

She looks at her laptop, then at Kitty, feeling a little antsy now that Kitty's revealed her little quirk when it comes to electrical devices. She pushes the laptop a little further from Kitty with a playful smirk. "Just you don't go and short out my laptop, okay?" she grins.

She pats the desk beside her, motioning for Kitty to take a seat while they wait for the last member of their trio. "Mikey does seem a little overprotective, doesn't he?" she says after a few moments. She munches on her half of the candy bar thoughtfully, "No one has ever really been so determined to keep me safe before. I've always been expected to take care of myself... not that I mind, of course. It's really touching."

"...I thought at first Mikey was interested in me. 'Cause, y'know, that's how guys display a desire to get serious with a girl – they start acting really protective and generous to prove that they can protect and provide, y’know?” she finishes the last of her candy bar and crumples the wrapper, “But then Mikey told me that he’s from another version of Earth, plus he’s never met another female turtle before so he doesn’t know how to act around them really. So you know what that means… He’s just naturally that nice to everyone. I keep having to remind myself that he’s just a nice guy and he’s not really flirting with me.” She sighs deeply and drops her chin in her hands, “Still… wish he did. Even if we’ll never see each other ever again when this is all over, it’d be nice to be special to someone as special as Michelangelo if only for a little while. …y’know?”
intangible_kit on March 2nd, 2007 06:00 pm (UTC)
Technology wasn't difficult to figure out for Kitty, anything she didn't know she could figure out rather easily. Kitty gave a small shrug, she was curious about some of thet hings in the place anyway.

"As long as it's not going to overwhelm you."

Kitty was too nice for her own good at times, really. Kitty giggled at Tobi's motion, the girl pushing that laptop away. That was all too amusing, Kitty found it rather funny.

"Don't worry, I haven't short circuited a computer or laptop in years, i work with them practically every day."

It was the truth, the phasing was what did it, so Kitty knew that laptop was safe, and most things were, Kitty handled things with great care anymore. Kitty noted the offer for her to sit, and actually moved, seating herself beside Tobi with a grin.

"A little, he seems as if he really wants to keep things safe, reminds me a bit of Bobby, really."

Kitty had said that without really thinking, but it was true. Bobby didn't take control, but he tried to protect and help. He was a bit of a jokester, but overall he was a really good guy. Kitty lifted her brow at what Tobi said and only smiled.

"Well, I suppose there's a first for everything, and I wouldn't be surprised if he liked you back or something."

She played that off lightly, but she thought it was true. That was all there was to it, the two were actually giving off signs in Kitty's mind. Kitty was quiet as Tobi spoke and she held in her amusement. Mikey might have been a nice guy and eveyrthing, but Kitty thought he liked her. The girl had seen enough crushing boys to know what they tended to act like.

"I don't know if it's all just naturally amiability, I've seen enough friends of mine and how they act and he's quite similar to them...."

Kitty tilted her head and offered Tobi a wide smile.

"If you like him, just try to convey it I'm sure he'll eventually get the point, and who knows, something could spark."

Oh, something would spark if Kitty could give the pushes and nudges....
tobi_ridley on March 2nd, 2007 06:08 pm (UTC)
Tobi blushes brightly at the idea of perusing a crush on Mikey, her spots lighting up like shiny pennies, "Er... well, we'll see I guess."

She clears her throat and looks away for a moment, trying to get her face to stop burning. "So you work with computers too huh?" she asks, thinking a change of subject will help, "I'm a software engineer. My company designs software for things like security systems and industrial robots and such. I’m currently writing a program for a robot that’ll be able to cook whatever recipe the user selects. It’s going to be really cool! I love robots, y’know?”

Oh, robots. Tobi had to bring up robots. Poor Kitty, having to sit there and listen while Tobi rambles on about the wonders of robots for the next few minutes.
intangible_kit on March 2nd, 2007 06:20 pm (UTC)
Kitty caught the blush, or she was pretty sure that's what it was. She grinned at the idea, and held in the rather girlish giggle that threatened to escape. She really did like playing matchmaker at times.

"Oh, I have a feeling we will."

Kitty commented, grinning like the chesire cat before nodding at Tobi's question and listening keenly to what she was saying. Kitty tilted her head and automatically bit her bottom lip, it was often times her face for thinking, and she gave a smile at the girl.

"Interesting profession that's for sure! I'm not fond of robots though, I think right back to sentinels, huge robots that were programmed to go after mutants. Though, the technology and programming behind the robots, that isn't too bad."

Kitty had no problem listening to things about robots considering technology was her thing, and she was the biggest dork most of the time...
nexus_champion on March 2nd, 2007 06:36 pm (UTC)
Aftera good shake, whack and brush, Mike was satisfied with the now throuroghly cleaned gym bag. True it was a bit too roomy and will probably look a bit big on Tobi, but if the wanted, he could unzip the detachable side where she could tuck her laptop, and whatever papers she wanted to stack there, and she could put them in the smaller bag.

He just hoped she wouldn't mind the smell. He sprayd the thing with the air freshner, but still it smelled musty and the combination didn't make the thing any sweeter; it made him gag.

It reminded him of this one time April was trying out a few perfumes and kept spraying samples on him. He felt ill after a while and lost his lunch in the kitchen sink. Later, Don excplained that the combination of fumes had upset his stomach, and that it's sensative to such stong scneted things. April was really sorry about the big mistake, and a few days after Mike's stomach had settled back to normal-(aka, he was a glutton again,)- she invited them to a dinner at her place.

After a good few more minutes, he sighed in slight frustration. He could only clean the thing so much, and he didn't want to risk ruining the thing by using the nearby washing machine. He didn't even know if this thing was washable.

Either way, he flapped the gym bag one more time, took a rag and commined wiping whatever dirt spots he could find inside it, before he finally, picked it up and headed back towards the girls. They were probably tired, sore and hungy, and if they could crash in a dorm on the upper floor, they'll take it.

His inner clock told him it had been a long time, his body was slowing and he was tired and sore himself, but he tolerated it, he was used to this. He had been trained to fast for three days stright if he had too. The few fruites on the lower floors would only last them for so long, and he hoped if he could fetch enouch supplies, they'd last till they find a way off this thing.

Tired, but stubborn, and now with the stinky but durable gym bag in tow, he exit the small janitor area and made his way back through the lobby, keeping his surroundings in check, just so he wont miss anything.

his stomach hurt, and his hunger from earlier vanished; the spray fumes and the stinky bag were enough to make his gut churne. He didn't like tthe smell, but figured the best thing out of it, it might scare off the dog things- it smelled Horrible!
tobi_ridley on March 2nd, 2007 06:52 pm (UTC)
Tobi's nose wrinkles again as the smell gets stronger. It's a little different now, as if someone tried to cover the smell with cheep, old cologne and failed. She turns her head and spots Mikey returning with the bag. “Ugh! Mikey! Is THAT what that is?” she shakes her head and plugs her nose again. “Yuck!”

She opens up her sack and takes out the vodka and some of the scraps of shirt they’re saving for bandages. “Wipe it down with this stuff before you put anything in it. The alcohol will kill the smell and whatever germs that are causing it, y’know?”

Then she offers the last candy bar with a proud smile, “Saved this for you. Kitty’n’me already split one so you don’t have to worry about us.”
nexus_champion on March 2nd, 2007 07:03 pm (UTC)
Although the thought of chocolate was mouth watering, Mike's brain and his stomach were in dissagreement; he still felt like gagging, and he didn't want to waste the food that way. "Thanks, but the fumes did a number on ym stomach, so I don't feel so hungry anymore." he tried to sound casual, but a slight groan was clear in his voice.

He couldn't help it, the thing smelled awful!

Accepting the bottle and roll, he uncorked it, soaked the end of ribboned sheet, and then comminced wiping every curve, fold and corner inside the bag. The smell was becoming more bareable, but also- he started feeling a little lightheaded. In fact, he found himself grinning almost stupidly while wiping the last specks of dirt from inside the bag. Once sure it was well dried up he tugged it open the gestured for Tobi to put their things in it.

Perhaps a little dazed, he rubbed her temple and looked at the seaturtle, "Hey, is it possible for a guy to get drunk by just smelling the stuff? Cause I'm feeling- wreird; in a good way... I think." he murmured, and then squeezed his eyes shut for a moment; what was that strange tingling in the back of his throat? And why did Tobi suddenly look like she grew a foot taller, and her eyes looked more puppy-like and larger- in a cute kinda way... ?
(no subject) - intangible_kit on March 2nd, 2007 07:12 pm (UTC) (Expand)
tobi_ridley on March 2nd, 2007 07:17 pm (UTC)
She looks a little disappointed when he turns down her offer, but she nods in understanding. The smell of the bag is making her a little queasy too. Fortunately the alcohol does a good job of killing the smell.

She watches him clean it out with a diligence she doesn't see in many guys, let alone girls. She lifts a brow in curiosity however, watching him get a little loopy from the fumes.

"Maybe... I guess if it's really potent..." she admits, "Plus you said that you've never drank so I guess you don't have much of a tolerance right?" She takes the bag and taking their supplies out of the pillow case and packing them in the bag. "Are you gonna be okay, dude?"

She finishes packing and slings the strap over her shoulder, letting the bag rest against her hip. "Maybe you should sit down for a few seconds, Mikey? You look kinda flush." She wraps her hands around his upper arm and tugs him gently toward the desk, gesturing for him to take a seat beside Kitty. “It won’t hurt to take a rest for a few minutes, y’know?”
nexus_champion on March 2nd, 2007 10:29 pm (UTC)
He nodded lightly, oddly feeling like his fels were a pair of twigs, one wrong move and they'll snap, dropping him to his face. "Yeah, I could use a break," he murmured, and allowed her to lead him towards a comfortable- though a little bit durty, couch. It's clearly the reception area's waiting room; Mike wondered who's office was on this floor.

He sat and leaned back, a hand gently rubbing his temple. He wasn't tired, but his eyes were crossing, and it was getting harder and harder to focus. "Gees, if this is what happenes when I just smell the stuff, how the shell can Raph drink a whole bottle and still come back home sober?" he whined, paused and then snorted, "No, scratch that, he's a regular drinker, he likes it strong. I bet even molted tar wouldn't knock him out!"

He felt discomfort on his head, so he settled back on the couch, laid on his shell he put a hand on his eyes, they were starting to hurt. He tried to peek between his fingers, but the lights were dancing hazily, it was painful to look at.

"Hey, Tobi? We got any eye drops? My eyes are going all funky like." he paused to take in a deep breath, ignoring a dull ache that started in the back of not cranium. "I think maybe while I was rummeging through that closet, something got into my eyes..."
tobi_ridley on March 2nd, 2007 10:54 pm (UTC)
Tobi fishes out the first aid kit, watching him in concern. "I don't think you need eye drops, Mikey. I think you're having a bad reaction to the alcohol fumes..." Her normally sweet and soft voice is thick with worry. She searches through the first aid kit and fortunately finds a bottle of eye wash solution. “But we’ll wash out your eyes just in case.”

She touches Mikey’s forehead, pushing it back lightly. “Let’s get that mask off,” she says gently, reaching around to loosen the knot and pull his bandana down around his neck. “Look up for a moment…” Then she lifts the bottle and lets a few drops fall into each of Mikey’s eyes, “Okay, let that sit for a second, then blink a few times.”

She pats his shoulder gently, the turns and looks at Kitty, “Think you can find a washroom or a water fountain, Kitty? I think he could use a drink of water, y’know? There’s a cup in the bag… I snagged it out of my bathroom.”

She grabs a bottle of aspirin from the first aid kit and dumps a couple of the pills into her hand. “How’s your head, Mikey? Do you want some pain killers?”
nexus_champion on March 2nd, 2007 11:14 pm (UTC)
When Tobi slipped off the mask, Mike tensed a little, but didn't complain or struggle against it. He kind of feared she might joke about his 'baby' looks. It had often been a subject on teasing whenever he took the mask off. The narrow eye holes allowed him to hide the true features of his brow and eyes.

April had often chided his brothers when they tease him about his baby face, being eighteen and no longer a kid. She always said that it gave him charm, and it was cute. There are times where Mike would wonder if it was the truth, or of she was just saying that to make him feel good about himself.

He didn't have Raph's drop-dead-sexy-but-still-scary, sadistic gleam and with the badboy grin to boost. He didn't have Don's calm and gentle, peacful and warm, inviting facial features, and he didn't have Leo's charisma-endoused disarming, understanding and considerate smile. He was just an adult stuck with the face of a little kid.

It made him wonder if this was why Lola bunny hated being called 'Doll'...

When he was younger, he didn't mind being teased about having a baby face, but as he grew older, he started to wish if his face would harden or look a bit more manly. He didn't want to be a child forever. No matter how wonderful and tempting it sounded, being a kid forever didn't sound very appealing, once you realize what its like to be accepted as an adult. When little, you're always belittled, your opinion is always pushed aside, or set as a last resort, more so because it's not 'mature' enough to do the task.

Mike hated being called immature, he'd had enough of that 'phase' when he was younger. As a four-times Nexus champion, he was past that stage, and though he could still find his 'childish' side, it was reluctant to come out; why? He didn't know... it is almost as if it decided he didn't need it anymore, and remained in hiding.

Nevertheless, he obediantly he let her use the solution on his eyes. He hissed as the cleancing waters stung, but he did as told and blinked a few times, eyes teary and vision watery and dancing. He closed his eyes for a moment, squeezing, blinking and trying to sheild his eyes from the bright light above.

Slowly, the ache dulled and because less irritating, but it was still there, just less painful than before. He let out a small sigh, willing himself to relax. He quirked a wry smile, "Thanks," he said, but kept his eyes closed, the cleancing waters dribbled down the sides of his face, mixing with the tears.
(no subject) - intangible_kit on March 2nd, 2007 11:17 pm (UTC) (Expand)
tobi_ridley on March 3rd, 2007 12:16 am (UTC)
Tobi looks down at the pills in her hand and realizes with a start that Kitty's right about mixing pain killers and alcohol. "Oh, you're right...!" She quickly tosses the pills back in the first aid kit. “Thanks for reminding me, Kitty.”

She smiles thankfully when Kitty disappears with the cup, then turns her attention back to Mikey. “Don’t worry dude,” she says soothingly, “You’ll be right as rain soon, I’m sure of it. You’re one of the toughest folks I’ve ever met.”

She notices the tears squeezing from the corners of his eyes and takes her handkerchief from her pocket and dabs his cheeks with a clean corner of it. She watches his face quietly for a few moments, doing what she can to tend to him. “…I kinda like it with your mask off,” she remarks quietly. “You’re really handsome, y’know?” She blushes a bit at her own forwardness, but shrugs it off. He’s probably in too loopy from his reaction to the vodka fumes to really be paying attention to her anyway. She dabs his eyes gently again, brushing away the wetness. “You look pretty mysterious with your mask on… Y’know, cause I can’t see your eyes that well. It’s pretty cute. But when you’re not wearing it… I dono… I just like it better.”

She sits down on the ground beside the couch and sighs, “Listen to me babble on. I’m such hatching ain’t I? I’m almost twenty-one, I should act like it y’know. But I never do, and people are always telling me to grow up or act my age.” She huffs another sigh, and shakes her head, “Ah, I’m such a dork. How are you feeling, babe? Any better?”
nexus_champion on March 3rd, 2007 12:29 am (UTC)
He gave a small humming nod, listening to her words as she rambled on. He felt a smile slowly curling on his lips until it turned into a grin, a step away from being a shy one. "Is it too late to mention I'm the baby in the family? My three brothers are all older than me," he murmured, liking the feel of the tissue wiping away the tears.

He felt odd, to say the least; was being light headed ever this dazing? He listened to Tobi's voice, and felt kind of embaressed with her words, the mask anology and how it made him look different was the whole point he switched all his old mask spares with new ones.

The old ones had wide eye holes and worked more as a color identification, but the new ones had smaller holes and were a bit thicker. He had learned that they make good makeshift bandages if needed, so he tried to gkeep then lengthy enough to be of use, but not to leave the tails too long so a enemy might be able to grab them.

He relaxed, somehow listening to her voice helped sooth the ache, and the pain in the back of his head was withering away. Maybe all he needed was to lie down for a moment. He felt his cheeks warm up as she spoke of how she liked his face, and for a moment, he hesitated, "Um, thanks? Yeah, I'm feeling a bit better." he said at first, fluttered his eyes open for a moment, but then closed them again.

"I- like your voice, it's- really nice." he told, a bit timidly, not daring to look at her he kept his eyes closed. He put a hand on his face to rub his eyes, just a little...
tobi_ridley on March 3rd, 2007 12:44 am (UTC)
"Urk!" she coughs, realizing that he was coherent enough to hear her. "Oh! Uh, good, good...! I'm glad to hear it." She grins at him and teases, "I'd be a shame if our fearless leader just laid around all day." But his compliment about her voice catches her of guard and her face darkens with bashfulness. She coughs again to try and hide her blush.

She settles back with her shell against the couch as she sits on the floor. "Yeah, you mentioned that you're the youngest already. You talk a lot about your older brother Raph. From what you've said about him he sounds kinda like a jerk, but on the other hand you must really like him to talk about him so much. ...It'd be really cool to meet your family."

She reaches back and begins to play with one of his bandana tails, fingering it offhandishly like a little kid plays with the hem of their shirt. "So why do you wear this anyway?" she wonders out loud.
intangible_kit on March 3rd, 2007 12:51 am (UTC)
Kitty remained quite after having returned. She didn't want to interrupt, so she placed the cup down, within reach, as she moved over to the first aid kit taking a nice look at it, being careful to memorize everything in it. Nothing that would deter the effects of what Mikey was suffering from at all. Kitty didn't like the mediocrity of this kit, it wasn't nearly enough, it didn't have all the necessary things in it.

Kitty gave Mikey and Tobi a look and gave a sad smile, she didn't need to be around here, she wasn't necessary, they didn't need her, and really, she didn't need them. Kitty didn't want to leave a group, though, she liked team formations. Kitty bit her bottom lip and looked through the kit one more time, carefully thinking about the directory she had seen earlier, she had already pinpointed several places she should check out, even if they weren't going to.

"Um, guys, I'm going to check out a few things, I have a few suspicions about this place. I suggest you rest up for a bit Mikey, it can take time for the effects to wear off, I'd wait an hour or more before taking anything by ingestion. The floor above this one isn't safe for the time being, there's a creature there that I've seen at least twice now."

Kitty paused and then tucked some loose hair behind her ear.

"I'll come find you both later probably."

Kitty was going to get out of there. She wasn't needed, and something told her she shouldn't try to push friendship, or even teamwork upon anyone, especially since the attributes didn't seem to mix well....
tobi_ridley on March 3rd, 2007 01:01 am (UTC)
Tobi smiles in thanks at Kitty when she reappears with the cup, then her smile falters when Kitty announces that she's going to go off on her own.

"Are you sure that's safe?" Tobi asks in concern, “Shouldn’t we stick together?”

She notices Kitty’s sad, unsure smile and her eyes widen. “Oh… Oh no… Kitty, I’m so sorry I was so rude when we first met. I hope you don’t think that I want to get rid of you?” she gets up and holds out her hands placatingly, “I’m really sorry if I gave you that impression. I really want to be friends, especially since we’re all stuck here together.”

“If you want to go explore on your own, we don’t have any right to stop you, but I really, really think we should stick together. We’ll be better off it we all work together, y’know?”
Leonardo Hamato -female version: Netural/watchingwarrior_turtlef on March 3rd, 2007 01:15 am (UTC)
((Geeze you guys! *is wowed in some sense* Guess this is what I get for actually going to school~ *chuckles joking* I nabbed mikey's upper floor idea and I'm going to be all weird and such~))

Leo was able to find an elevator after some trailing of the voice, she used her katana's to pry the doors open, she paused listening hearing far off voices. Licking her lips again she devised a plan in her mind knowing she'd be chided for it by donny if he was actually here.

The female turtle took off some of her elbow padding using the strap parts to wrap around her hands, she quickly jumped over grabbing the cable, going to be wreckless once again and at least find someone else besides her male counterpart.

It be nice if kitty was down there two, or at least someone who wasn't a big bug.

The female turtle slid down mentally praying for no more injuries, her heart beating wildly seeing the stuck elevator, stopped right under the doorway she wanted, she gladly landed working quickly to pry it open as well with her katana's.

Leo could already guess it give unless she worked fast...
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