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05 March 2007 @ 06:10 pm
Who: Femleo, kitty and anyone who wants to join.
What: Exploring, finding a very important room amoung other things.
When: Day 2, 12:00 PM earth time according to the clocks.

Leo gave a simple stretch her muscles popping back into place, their pace leisure as they marked things down on the map as they went, so far no trouble had emerged to them. They both had stopped and rested for a few hours though, knowing being well rested would help if they needed to fight anytime soon. The calm seemed to last forever at the pace they were going.

But Leo knew things could change within moments as they walked down the corridor, peeking in another room, pausing seeing it looked like a huge mansion room, a desk set up, a chair also placed behind it, book self's stacked around leading much deeper in the room, showing a big almost medieval glass window, it showing the planet in a much better view, you could almost see plants from this view. The purple atmosphere glowing with white tints of light, seeming ghostly.

"Might be good to look around in here, specially since it has a library that could help us figure out where we are." said the reptile female glancing around seeing this room was bigger than it looked from the entrance.

Even with the errie quiet leo felt less than unerved use to the quiet thanks to being a ninja. The reptile was fine with quiet better than loud music being played about.

Besides that leo hoped she and kitty would find something useful here...
Current Location: Libary/infirmary
Current Mood: curiouscurious
intangible_kit on March 6th, 2007 04:51 am (UTC)
Kitty hadn't wanted to rest earlier, but she had accepted that it was for the best and now that theyw ere back upon the move, Kitty was glad for it, she didn't want to be there longer than she had to be. Her primary goal was to get everyone back home and safe. Kitty wanted to keep everyone she met safe if she could and that would probably be for the best, really.

The corridors were long, and boring, it had taken all Kitty had to keep herself from just walking through the walls and peeking into rooms, but she'd done it. Kitty's attention was drawn by Leo's words and she moved to go after the other woman, knowing that she was probably right.

"Excelent idea."

Kitty commented, walking through the wall, rather than the customary entrance, looking around.

"Either that or they've planned carefully and just put things in here that will give us the run around."
Leonardo Hamato -female version: amused/bemused/relaxedwarrior_turtlef on March 6th, 2007 05:36 am (UTC)
Leo herself didn't want much rest ethier but it was her bitchy leader side interfering and saying they should, she obyed it knowing sometimes that side was correct in some assumptions at times, it usually saved her from being headed or killed once or twice.

Leo had to agree on the boring part, after some time she grew tired of having to be so on guard for long, she eventually relaxed but stayed semi on guard.

Leo chuckled at kitty walking through the wall, moving through the door and looking around easily, intrested in the books already.

"True, but at least we have some of it written down now." amended leo simply.
Laranxe: badasssadist_nymph on March 6th, 2007 05:37 am (UTC)
Larxene stretched as she walked down the hallway
"Hm, this place doesnt seem to bad...." she said to herslf "This place might do for my new home/..."
Leonardo Hamato -female version: Netural/watchingwarrior_turtlef on March 6th, 2007 05:46 am (UTC)
The she turtle paid no mind to the hallway as she walked more into the library, noticing more desk and chairs scattered about the room, it defiantly bigger than she originally thought. Leo walked over to a book shelf plucking a book from it and opening it scanning the page surprised to see it was in english.

Not some alien langue she didn't understand, that made leo sigh in a momentary relief as she started to flip through pages idly.
Laranxe: Heh/I'm better than you!/you losersadist_nymph on March 6th, 2007 05:51 am (UTC)
Larxene smiled
"oh good! theyve got a library!" as she walked along looking at the books, she noticed someone up ahead
"Hey! You!" she called
(Deleted comment)
Leonardo Hamato -female version: Giving up../hopeless/sadwarrior_turtlef on March 6th, 2007 05:57 am (UTC)
The female turtle walked with her book, stil flipping through more pages as she walked, pausing to glance outside , not notcing as she got closer to her male counterpart.

A frown painted her lips as she sighed softly, eyeing the purple atmosphere wistfully having not heard the blonde woman's call more intrested in thinking off her husband and child.

She knew she was being sentimental, but the she turtle couldn't help it, it was coming naturally to her.
Laranxesadist_nymph on March 6th, 2007 06:01 am (UTC)
it was then she realized that the people ahead of her were giant turtles
(Deleted comment)
Leonardo Hamato -female version: Netural/watchingwarrior_turtlef on March 6th, 2007 06:26 am (UTC)
Leo broke from her thoughts, blinking a bit glancing at him and then the blonde woman, the maskless turtle eyed the cloaked human curiously, notcing her odd hair and not run of the mill clothes.

"I'm leo, and he's well Leo too." she amened simply to the woman, glad to see no beasties get her male counterpart, even if their first meeting wasn't warm the she turtle didn't want any one to die.
intangible_kit on March 6th, 2007 04:35 pm (UTC)
Kitty had wandered through several book shelves, it was probably a stupid thing to do, but she was looking around, as if it might help something. She hoped to find things, but it wasn't really a guarentee. Kitty had ran her dainty hand over some of the books, her eyes focusing on the titles, some of which she actually recognized. It seemed that this library had been stocked with books, like Kitty had thought. Taking out a book that she recognized Kitty looked through it, seeing the words jump out at her, reading a few sentences before putting it back where she'd found it and then taking out the map and giving a rather large mark on the library and then turning the map over and writting a few things down before moving further down, her eyes studying over the books, her hand trailing against the books gently before pulling out a book written in French on several medical procedures.

Kitty should have paid attention to her companion for the moment, but even she was subject to mistakes and the like. Her bootfalls were silent and when she heard the distinct sound of voices the young woman stuck her upper torso through the book shelf between her and the rest of the room, she caught sight of Leo, another turtle, and a blonde woman? There were more people than Kitty had originally thought! Kitty caught the tail end of the conversation, realizing that the other turtle was also named Leo, what a coincidence!

"Everything okay?"

Kitty askeed stepping through the bookshelf and bringing the book with her, a little bit unsure.
tobi_ridley on March 6th, 2007 09:23 pm (UTC)
Tobi rounds the doorway and walks into the impressive library, her face already breaking into a wide smile at the familiar sounds of Kitty and female Leo's voices. She has a small foot-tall robot that resembles a PaPeRo tucked under her arm and her free hand is comfortably clasped in Mikey's.

"Kitty! Leo!" she calls cheerfully before she takes stock of the situation in the room, "You're alive! Yay! Lookie! Mikey caught me a robot! <3" She holds up the little service droid and it beeps and blinks in annoyance. "His name is Kayoh!"
nexus_champion on March 6th, 2007 10:03 pm (UTC)
Mike glanced at the library and carefully swung the room's door closed. If the dog beast is near by, he didn't want to leave the door open where it could enter all so easily. Tobi's excitment about the pipsqueak (or pip-bleep, for that matter) helped him relax. Once they were with familiar presence he smiled at Kitty.

"Hey, glad to see you're okay." still holding hands with Tobi, he walked into the room, adjusting the gym bag's strap over his hip to get more comfortable, "There is one of those dog things past the corridor just outside. this place is so close to it, I figured you might have bumped into it or something." he voiced out his concernes.

Then he blinked and looked at the fancy but dusty office, then at the cascades and cascades of books, unaware of the three others somewhere within the huge bookcases, that were blocking his view. 'Wow! Donny would have a party if he saw this place.' he mused.

Looking at Kitty he asked, "Where's your friend? I don't see her." He said, not wanting to call her by name as to not confuse himself. He hadn't met this Leo woman, so he didn't want to think abotu it, not that much..
intangible_kit on March 6th, 2007 11:46 pm (UTC)
Kitty's attention was taken again as she saw Tobi and Mikey enter. Wow, that was odd, how had they managed to find her and Leo so easily? Kitty and Leo had been gone for a while, but not long enough to really bother with anything to be truthful. None the less, Kitty gave a smile and a small wave at Tobi, stepping through the bookshelf that seperated her, she had been off by figuring out where Leo and the other voices were, there was another bookshelf and they were on the other side of it. Kitty eyed the robot and grinned.

"That's awesome."

She commented, unsure on whether or not she should really say anything. Tobi was friendly enough, but Mikey, well, Kitty just wasn't sure about it, he might still not trust her. She did notice the two's entwined hands and it brought a giggle forth, though she held it in.

"Creature, we didn't run into it, but if we had we deffinitely would have hidden."

Kitty commented, knowing more than well that she wouldh ave pulled them into a wall or something. Kitty's inner nerd made her want to give a cheer of joy at tall of the books around, she still held the french medical procedures book in her hand, rather happy with seeing it at all.

"She's over behind that bookshelf I think."

Kitty commented, moving to stick her head through the bookshelf, seeing the figures she had vaguely made out earlier, a blonde woman, Leo, and then another turtle.

"Everything okay?"

She asked Leo, reiterating her question from earlier.
Leonardo Hamato -female version: Netural/watchingwarrior_turtlef on March 7th, 2007 12:10 am (UTC)
Leo looked up from the duo in front of her to smile at kitty nodding back to her inquiry having not heard her from being a little wigged out at the blond woman just staring at them for a moment.

"Yes, we just found another person in this place." Said Leo turning her gaze over to kitty before gesturing at her male counterpart "This is Leonardo by the way, we have yet to know the other woman's name though, she keeps staring.."

The maskless female obviously was diffrent from her male counterpart, her waist lithe, curved in a female way even if she did have 'fat' thanks to actually eating compared to human females she had seen before. Leo also was shorter, her height a smidgen smaller than her mikey's, she had to be the smallest of the adult turtles in her family.

She also had more pouches attatched to her belt, hiding assortments of things she could use, including her necklace with her wedding ring.
tobi_ridley on March 7th, 2007 12:44 am (UTC)
Tobi grinned and bounced on her toes enthusiastically at Kitty's comment. "Yes! He's totally awesome! <3"

The little robot beeps and shakes its head in exasperation.

Tobi pulls Mikey further into the room, not because she wants to lead him around, but just because she doesn't want to let go of his hand. She looks around the shelf at Leo and smiles brightly, about to greet her, but then she spots the other turtle and the blond human.

Her cheerful expression quickly melts into a cold face when she spots the human. She made the mistake of calling Kitty a human though, so she’s not going to outright attack the stranger just yet. Besides, Mikey’s still got a hold of her hand.
nexus_champion on March 7th, 2007 03:17 am (UTC)
Mike didn't mind being dragged around, but he did blinked and feel a little awkward when Kitty poked her head through the row of books to tell her friend on the other side about their arrival.

He was a bit annerved no one seemed to bother with the monster outside. Did they just not give a damn, or did they think they could handle it just fine? Cause he seriously doubted they'de even faced the thing. Kitty had, and she escaped, she didn't fight it. Mike faughter two and actually killed one of them.

Why weren't they being a little more seriouse?

Annoyed, he kept on a smile as Tobi led him around the bookshelf and towards the other(s) and imagine his surprise when he spotted two turtles. A short female that surpriginly looked oddly like the female version of his Leo, just with too many pouches on her belt and minus the mask and shell wound, and-

"Leo?" he piped up, eyes big and hopeful. Was this strangely calm turtle really his brother, or just another counterpart from another reality?
tobi_ridley on March 7th, 2007 12:13 pm (UTC)
Oblivious to the fact that Mikey's talking to the blue clad male, Tobi's smile returns and she leans over. "Yeah, that's Leo. She's really nice..." she says softly, "But who's that other human? Do ya think she's a mutant too?"

Tobi keeps her eyes on the blond stranger as she walks over to an empty table and sets her robot down on it. "Since we're all here, I guess it's pretty safe for me to sit and start reprogramming Kayoh," she says to no one in particular.
nexus_champion on March 7th, 2007 06:54 pm (UTC)
Mike watched her head to the nearby table, and he worked on getting thelaptop out of its concealing safety. He set it in front of her and watched the little bot for a moment, before he turned his weary gaze at the others.

He ignored the strange new blonde for how, she obviously isn't making a move at anything, just staring at them. She probably never saw humanoid turtles before; not that he'd blame her. They were a strange sight, to say the least.

He looked at the two other turtles, one male and one female. Strange how a female Leo looked- pitite but have curves that make her a little plump in some places. Was that natural, or was she on a diet? For all he knew some women grow plump in some areas after giving birth, but she was awful small, he doubted if that was it.

After all, he had it in mind that where she came from, there were probably four female turtles, not that she's female and the others are male. Oh, Little did he know...

He looked at the other male turtles, before sparing the group a weaviring smile. Something about this suituation just felt- out of place. There was something that irked him, it was awkward, he just didn't know what it was that made him feel that way.
intangible_kit on March 7th, 2007 11:36 pm (UTC)
Kitty's first thought about finding more people was, more people in danger, though she did a good job of not saying that.

"Oh, well, at least we know where they are, the more the better."

In a fighting strategy that might be partially true, but this was more or less more people in danger.

"Nice to meet you, Leonardo, I'm Kitty."

Kitty turned her attention away from that for a moment, seeing a look upon Mikey's face, somehow she figured he wasn't happy about something. She figured he just didn't like her, but she didn't really know either way. Kitty shook it out of her head and kept quiet moving through the book case and holding her book up beforeopening it quietly and taking a look...
Leonardo Hamato -female version: Netural/watchingwarrior_turtlef on March 8th, 2007 12:41 am (UTC)
Leo resisted waving her hand in front of the blonde woman's face, frowning a little at the woman just.. staring like that. The she turtle didn't dwell on danger too much, from her guess the floor with the docking bay was the safest, only monsters there were normal spiders that had wings. All you had to do was stay down there and out of the way if you didn't want danger.

She nodded to kitty's words, it did help to know there was more people, even if it increased chances of danger.

Leo spared her eyes over to the mikey counterpart, noting his look. "Tell me when the girl comes out of shock, I'm going to wander a bit." she said simply enough before moving away from the group, a small barely hearable clink coming from her as a small gold ring fell with a string big enough for a necklace fell from one of her pouch pockets.

She didn't notice heading to look around, hoping for an infirmary close by or a medical book of some sort just incase the blonde woman went nuts from being in shock or something.
nexus_champion on March 8th, 2007 01:46 am (UTC)
Mike's ears perked when the female turtle decided to go look around, but hearing the faint blinging sound had him frown in confusion. At first, he thought there was something there, and he awaiting the possible humming and blinking lights; when none of that happened, he relaxed, if only a notch and sighed, rubbing the back of his neck.

He didn't see anything out of the ordinary, so he huffed a small breath, half wondering what caused the noise, and then sat on a free chair besides Tobi, half paying attantion to the screen.

He couldn't help but scowl inwardly at the two 'Leo's who just didn't seem at all phased to see him there. Well, it prooved one thing; those two were for sure not his kin. The first one being female was a big give away, but the fact that the male Leo didn't even react irked him. If it was his Leo, he would have jumped up and asked if he was okay, if Raph and Don were here as well...

But none of that happned, oddly it gave him a sense of being neglected.
tobi_ridley on March 8th, 2007 12:42 pm (UTC)
Tobi smiles appreciatively as Mikey helps her set up her laptop. She sets her robot on the table and plugs it into the laptop. The little thing seems to go into standby, it's operational lights blinking occasionally as Tobi works on repairing some of it's damaged programming.

She's really focused on her work, but not so focused that she doesn't notice Mikey's discontent. Something seems to be bugging him. She looks up at sees Kitty, still looking over all of them like she's worried about them but doesn't want to admit it. Leo seems to have gone off to explore more of the library, and the strange male turtle she hasn't been introduced to seems focused on the book in front of him. And the blond human hasn't moved much. Nothing seems too out of the ordinary to her.

"What's wrong, babe?" she murmurs quietly to her friend, "You look perturbed..."
nexus_champion on March 8th, 2007 09:40 pm (UTC)
He nearly flinched when she talked to him, so composing himself he shrugged a shoulder and forced a small smile, "Just- a little confused. Everyone is acting so casual, as if we're not sitting right next door to the big bad wolf's den." he muttered, glanced at the door which was still closed, and then looked back at the screen, "Or maybe I'm just being paranoid again..."

He looked around the sascades of books, a small prickly feeling tingled on his arms, "Or maybe it's the room, it feels kinda small and stuffy here..." he pushed off the chair and streatched, giving the other male turtle a sad glance. Definatly not his Leo. "I'm gonna go look around, might find something useful." he told.

Already, he headed back towards the more open area of the library, then towards the big office desk and chair, paying little mind to the huge window that shoen the huge purple planet, with the pinkish white clouds coating it outside.
intangible_kit on March 8th, 2007 04:35 pm (UTC)
Kitty, not really thinking that much, sat down at a table that was away from the rest of the people in the room. She was used to being a geek and sectioning herself off from others, and she had the feeling that Mikey didn't like her, so she'd leave Tobi to fixing her laptop and the lot while Kitty peered through this book. It was rathera musing to see text she had studied already, really. She didn't think it was bad to revisit things, though. It was standard medical knowlege.

Kitty had the book open and she traced her fingers under the french words, the translations coming through rather easily, mumbling the words under her breath.

"Du cas d'un arythmia de cardia, si les compressions standard ne sont pas efficaces, l'utilisation d'un defibrulator est la la ligne de conduite évidente."

Kitty looked over the words. There was a whole section on medical procedures and the like, that meant there had to be an infirmary somewhere around here. Hopefully nothing serious would end up happening at all. Kitty wondered why it would be so hidden from everything, shouldn't an infirmary be in an obvious place? That was Kitty's thought, but she wasn't in control. Flipping through several more pages of the book, Kitty spared it several glances, she'd already read this one, really, though it hadn't been in French, good thing Kitty was a plethora poool of knowledge.

Kitty moved back through the book cases and back to the medical shelving, taking out a book, it happened to be in French as well and Kitty looked over it a moment, stepping back through the book cases and taking a peek at the blonde woman. Shock was treatable, though it depended upon what sort of shock it was. Kitty opened her newfound book and peered at the first sentence, mumbling it aloud.

"Le choc, la perte de sang, et d'autres dommages traitables dans le domaine combattent des situations...."

Kitty looked over at Tobi and Mikey, really wanting to start a conversation, but feeling out of place, he didn't like her and Tobi liked him, much more than just a normal friend might. She gave a small sigh, being able to admit that someonen didn't like her, and not wanting to push him, Kitty took her previous seat, studying over the blonde woman and flipping through a few pages in the book, looking for the differences between shock on a psychological level and shock on a physical level, though she had some idea of the physical aspect, not so much on the psychological.
Leonardo Hamato -female version: unsure/hands/on edgewarrior_turtlef on March 11th, 2007 12:52 am (UTC)
Leo contunied her walked down the book iles, her eyes glancing at books as she passed. The she turtle was doing her best to understand some of the diffrent langues on the book bindings, reading through any that looked like medical text, she knew a few small things, mainly about bandaging and fixing minor wounds but her husband and father generally took over the jobs of doctors back at home.

It was after all her husband and father who helped her with her labor, helped her during her prenacy, or anything at all the female needed in medical reasons.

She paused her walking spotting a white doorway hidden behind a small bookcase, she frowned curiously moving forward, she moved to the side, pushing it with what strength she had making it move forward. The old rotted making a rather loud moan in some protest of her pushing before creaking as it made it to its new spot in front of another book case, she drew one of her katana's warily, placing a hand on the doorknob and twisting it making the door open with a much softer creak.

Leo peeked in seeing a much bigger room compared to the libary which was a surprise in its own, the walls peachy color compared to the white of the hallway, pictures of furits and flowers settled on the walls with hosptial beds set against the walls, medical gear in a see through glass cabient, as well as pastel pink blankets that were spares and extras for all the beds lined in the room.

"Looks like I found the infirmary..." Mumbled leo quietly to herself.
tobi_ridley on March 12th, 2007 05:39 pm (UTC)
Tobi's tongue sticks out of the corner of her mouth as she concentrates on her work. Her short fingers fly across the laptop keys uninterrupted for several minutes before she suddenly stops and furrows her brows, glaring at the screen. She makes a thoughtful noise and drops her chin into her palm as she looks over her work.

She's already finished several lines of code that will make the robot sitting on the table a bit more friendly, but now she's reached a gap in the programming that she isn't able to fix right away. She slowly types out a few more lines, then hits the delete key for a while and tries again. Finally she makes a frustrated snort and calls over to Kitty.

"Kitty? Kitty! You said you worked with computers, right? Do you know anything about writing software?" she calls over to the young brunette. "Can you help me with something?" She waves her hand in Kitty's direction, trying to get the girl's attention without being too loud - they ARE in a library after all.
intangible_kit on March 12th, 2007 11:32 pm (UTC)
Kitty's eyes traeveled over the page for a few more moments, unable to really do much else for a while, but then she heard the sound of her name. Kitty's head shot up as she heard the questions that Tobi asked her. Automatically Kitty nodded and got up, moving quickly over to Tobi before peering down at what she had been doing. Her eyes moved quickly and she blinked for a moment before moving the hand that she didn't have the book in to the keyboard and typing a few lines before stopping to think.

"Haven't written software in a nice little while."

Kitty commented before doing a few more lines, stopping and then finishing the last few lines rather rapidly, Kitty was rather quick with what she did, and despite not having done many things with such in a nice little while.

"That should do it, it might need a few other lines, but I think that should suffice."
Leonardo Hamato -female version: Netural/watchingwarrior_turtlef on March 13th, 2007 01:57 am (UTC)
Leo took a quick once over of the room, moving easily through it pausing when she spotted a picture with actual people in it, two humans nice dressed, a man and woman looking beyond happy as the man rested his hand upon the redheaded woman's belly, wedding rings seeming to shine in the victorian aged photo.

It pulled on her heart strings making leo move her hands down to the pocket holding her wedding ring, her fingers poking inside searching before she frowned finding a hole and no ring.

"Oh no..." she mumbled feeling her heart sink, digging through her pockets to find it. She paused at her searching feeling something poke at her leg, she blinked looking down seeing a medical bot tilt its cute head up at her, big green eyes blinking as it made beeping noises as if inquring if she was well.

"Uhh I'm fine, I was just looking around.." said leo to the bot who made an agreement noise sounding chipper at hearing that before zipping away back to its hideaway, Leo watching with some fasination, guessing it would intrest tobi..

She moved towards the doorway glancing back at the bots hideaway, seeing a pair of glowing green eyes watching almost innocently as leo left the room.

The she turtle walked through the doorway, easily heading to the main part of the libary, making it after a few moments, seeing kitty helping Tobi, "I found the infirmy," she stated simply to them as she got their attentions, "And a healing robot apparently."
nexus_champion on March 13th, 2007 03:46 am (UTC)
Mike dazed away, staring into the endless horizon before him and complementing how much prettier it would have been, if only he and the others weren't suddenly stuck in the great Pickeljar in the sky. It irritated him everyone was being so casual- was this how Leo and Raph felt whenever they saw him goofing off in a battle? Unnerved and fighting back the urge to whap him backside the head?

Now he knew how it felt, and he felt ashamed.. he used to be so careless back then...

With a tired sigh, he turned from the window and back towards the office desk, already searching through the drawers for anything worthwhile, or with any sort of value. Absently, he found himself thinking of the other Leo, the guy, who didn't seem to pay anyone any attantion and was absorbed into his book... he also wondered if there were any Raph or Don counterparts here, too.

Agitated with the negativity, he inwardly searched the desk a little more noisily than intended; it was hard to focus when you're just so annoyed at everything. Heck! He was tempted to go out there and fight the invisible dog thing, just to vent out some stress, but knew better than to set himself for a deathwish!

Nothing in the desk, but a set of keys, an ID card written in some funky looking language, that was anything but earthly, and a small notebook in the same language. Inside were funny codes written down, "A1-0090800, -insert some funky words here- B1-0080800, -insert a single word, and then on the next line insert more test.-"

All he could gather, there was something on either the two upper or basement floors... but what's witht he numbers?
tobi_ridley on March 13th, 2007 04:38 pm (UTC)
Tobi watches Kitty take over the keyboard and create a few lines of code. She looks over the lines and nods approvingly, then she smiles wryly up at the girl, "Thanks very much. But I just asked for help, I didn't ask for you to do it for me." She chuckles and goes back to work, picking up where Kitty stopped.

As she leans forward she winces and makes a small noise of discomfort. The small crack on her shell that she received when she fell off the counter in the bathroom splits open a little wider and a small trickle of dark red blood dribbles out, mixing with the scute wax that Mikey sealed the wound with. Tobi reaches back and feels the wetness on her shell, then brings her fingers around to look at them and finds her fingertips spotted with blood. She sighs in exasperation.

Coincidentally just then she hears Leo announce that she found an infirmary and a healing robot. She smiles and closes her laptop and disconnects Kayoh. Then she notices that Mikey isn't around. She looks around in a panic for a second before she spots her friend over by the window. "Mikey!" she calls out, "Mikey, can you watch Kayoh for me? He shouldn't try to escape anymore, but y'know... Just in case? I'm going to check out that infirmary. My shell's bleeding."

She stuffs her laptop into their bag and trots over to Leo, smiling warmly and doing a good job of ignoring the sting in her back. "Can you show me where you saw that bot? I could do with a band aid I think..."
nexus_champion on March 14th, 2007 04:30 am (UTC)
Mike struggled a bit with a locked drawer, and before he could look around for a paper clip to pick the lock, Tobi called over from her spot to tell him her shell was bleeding. For a moment, he was about to tell her it was silly cause shells were made of bone, that they don't bleed, but then remembered her shell was softer than his, and cant take the same damage, so he kept his lips shut tight.

"Okay," he replied and pushed away from the window, giving the purple planet a look before he made his way back towards the table where the darn finger buzzer sat with the eyes blinking, almost as if in warning, but Mike ignored; he just wasn't in a peechy mood at the moment.

While he strode towards the desk, he felt his toe hit something, but when he glanced down all he saw was something glinting before it rolled under another table. He saw a thread of sorts, but didn't bother picking it up, thinking it was leftover trash from the previous person who had been here, and made his way back to the desk.

He sat down, stared at the bot for a moment, eyes narrow and annoyed, before he glanced at the two girls, and then at the male Leo. Kitty stood there, looking occupied with something, and the blonde lady still hadn't moved... what's up with her?

He looked at the other male, wanting to start a conversation, but not feeling comfortable about it, he decided to keep quite for now. the guy looked pretty absorbed into his book, not that he'd get a reply out of him, anyway, so why bother...