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Blowing stuff up

Wow look at it explode..

Blowing stuff up: the mutil fandom roleplay
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This Rp is being turned into a multifandom RP since our members aren't a lot of people so beware everything changing about!

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ WELCOME ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~

Someone or something is dragging people from every corner of the worlds to space station 457 which spans hundreds of floors and regulary gets shipments from its world. But it seems no one actually lives in this strange place, as if ghosts run this space station on their own. Things have been seen floating down hallways on they're own after all..

Some even think ghostly spirts who died here in some horrible way haunt certain sections of the space stations, wanting no living mortal to enter their domain, those who do enter tend not to come back, only their items somehow vanish as well, leaving no trace of the person besides memories of those staying here. It seems monsters lurk in every corner of the lower space station, the lights out make it a perfect place to get lost and injured, many strange things have happened down there, people growing two head, wings appearing on their backs, or even losing their mind to another creature.

There is no escape from this strange place once you get stuck here, there's no leaving. Some have tried to escape before hand by the large shipping flights to the home planet, but are usually found dead the next day at the docking bay. The only way to truly leave is through the release of death and maybe being chosen for the speical prize..

Who or whatever is bringing people here certainly don't want them to leave, and are watching people all the time, cameras in every room of the station even the bathrooms. The only time you get to leave is when the person supplying everything chooses a person, the person being treated as if they won the lottery vanish in a space ship never to be seen again...

Even with the foreboding everything anyone could ever need and want is supplied in stores and resturants in the whole station. And the rooms for staying in each have their own built in bathroom filled with lavish things.

Who ever is watching us certainly want us to stay happy in this bird cage of sorts.

All we can say is welcome and enjoy your stay...

Because your certainly not leaving anytime soon

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1. no flaming, and i mean it. please it's rude to flame or hate on someone for something.

2. no nitpicking others post, like pointing out minor spelling mistakes like if someone types a word wrong because they made the post at 2:00 no one is perfect. your only allowed to nitpick if someone is killing off another person's character or being extremly OOC.

3. have fun while roleplaying, thats a pretty obvious thing, but i'd love to see all of you having fun.

4. just no cursing you can say the minium of dam or son of a duck, sorry to say there might be some kids lurking and their mom's behind them looking at what their up too.

5. please no taking characters that are claimed please? and to claim characters e-mail me with a audition for the character or go to the application page.

6. please try to use your best grammar and use spell check. i will let you off the hook most of the time since i have very bad spelling. and I MEAN bad.

7. when posting please stay in character and if you need to tell some one something do this [ooc: blah blah] Or ((Blah blah))

8. This place is free to have yaoi/yuri pairings, it will be free range but please no arguing about couples.

9. if I give a part, you have to make a character journal, you can't use your own personal journal if its honestly too much of a hassle for you, you can escape the that if ye wish. But mostly it won't work unless I get a good reason.

10. If you going to be gone for a long time please inform us at the OOC com! it be very appricated! That way you won't be knocked from the com.

11. Please if no one is playing a certain character don't try and invole them in a story line, it'll be hard for the non playing character to answer you post.

12. ALSO no reusing active character journals for other communities, I will boot you off for it since I'm a mean mod. MAKE A NEW ONE.

13. Go to the OOC community to apply, also check taken character list before applying for a certain character.




How to get a character

Ethier e-mail me at smoon@mac-medic.net or go to the application page and make said application to get a character, ethier katt or I will approve you.

something like that and please no TyPiNG LiKe ThIs OkAy and please no character talking in chat speak, aka "He is l33t pi3m y0z" or something bloodly like that i'll personally attack you for that.

------- Reason for journals ----

The journals seem almost mandatory, you automaticly get one at arrival in an futuristic device that seem to be a combo of a journal, phone and computer all rolled into one.

It seems archiving your doing is the onlyway to keep in tact with other people on this place.

Also to keep yourself sane at times when there are powe outages and strange events.

--- Logs/character get togethers - should be put in the main community.

Title: Can you figure out what this is for?
Who: The two characters rping together
What: about what mainly, aka why their hanging out.
When: the time and day
Rating: Well the rating duh.
Then lj cut the starting paragraph