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27 February 2007 @ 01:35 am
... troubles...  

Who: Mikey and Tobi... anyone feel free to jump in.
What: Still exploring, so whatch your step...
When: Day One. Afternoon around 3 o'clock. Earth time.  


He wasn't sure how to describe it all. 

First, they were minding their own business, exploring this strange place they had been taken to, and next there is this, seemingly invisible monster that appeared out of nowhere. It attacked Mike and he deflected the attack by knoking out a few teeth, but who's the say it was the end of that? Whos' to say it was the only one around? 

Right now, Michelangelo and Tobi are trying to get an elevator to work, would they ever come across any other 'survivors' on any of the other floors, or is there a force somewhere preventing them from meeting? 

Only time could tell... 

And time may not even by on their side. 

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tobi_ridley on February 27th, 2007 11:40 am (UTC)
She knows that going up to her room would be the next logical destination on the path to get out of the place, but she can’t help but laugh. Again her mind wanders places it shouldn’t go. She quickly smothers her laughter and smiles apologetically at Mikey. “Yeah, I think so. I think it was this way…”

She leads down the hallway she originally came down. She looks over her shoulder at Mikey for a moment and smiles, very thankful to have someone walking with her this time. “I’m glad I found you, Mikey,” she says quietly, “Of all the people that I could meet in this strange place, I’m glad it was you.”

She falls silent again, concentrating on retracing her steps. She doesn’t want to disappoint her new friend, especially after that fiasco about breaking the elevator. She makes a delighted little ‘oh’ as they finally come to the ramp. One side winds up slowly, while the other slowly angles down, as if they’ve just come to the middle of a wide tower. She starts heading up, and in a matter of moments the ramp lets out on the floor above them. “My room is just down here,” she grins, pointing.
nexus_champion on February 27th, 2007 11:56 am (UTC)
He didn't know what to say to her comment, he just nodded, hiding a tingled smile, he ducked his head for a moment while keeping an eye on their surroundings. So far, only the cameras followed, but he wasn't as tense as before, meaning the monster thing wasn't after them. He knew if it was there, he'd sense it, his ability to sense danger had been honed greatly, so he allowed himself to relax... for now.

No more than minutes later they found the staircase, and were soon going up. Sadly, the straircase apperantly didn't connect more than four or five floors together. When he peeked from over the rail, he saw maybe two or three floors, before it was flat again. He could see the floor quiet easily. The upper floors, however, all he could spot were two floors, if not just one.

Clearly, the upper two floors, as well as the bottom two were seperated from the middle-section of the building, meaning that the only way to get to them was through the elevator hatch. When he was sticking that putty on the lense, he had looked down, and saw that it was at least six stories high. Whatever restricted areas they were pervented from acsessing, he had the hunch they were seperated for a very good reason.

That invisible monster thing was his first clue.

Soon, they arrived in the bedroom lobby. He glanced to the sides and found that there were three paths, one to the left leading somewhere currently unknown, one to the right leading to a bit wider area, and he could spot a large cushioned seat there, and the path before him, where Tobi was standing in. The bedroom lobby was clearly a resident area where the people who lived here would rest.

How many people were in this building? Are there any survivors? He was too engroussed in thinking, he crossed an arm over his plastron and pressed a fist to his chin, lost in thought. Unlike the lower floor, this floor didn't seem to be in good condition. Actually, it looked dusty here and there, as if not all the areas had been tended to, some were neglected for a fairly long time.

"Did you ever wonder why some spots are clean, while others aren't." he told, a statement, not a question. "I don't think there were any janitors around, so who's keeping the place clean?" he looked at Tobi, confused.