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27 February 2007 @ 10:23 pm
Lets Make Turtle Tracks!  
Who: Mike and Tobi... feel free to jump in!
What: Ready to explore the rest of the station.
When: Day One. Nearly sunset around 5 o'clock. Earth time. 


It has now been nearly half a day since their arrival, and so far they had survived those past twelve hours. 

Uninjured, but getting prepared for whatever may cross their path, they are ready to embark on a journy towards the currently unknown sections of the spacestation. Wheather or not they would meet into others, or come across more of the strange, invisible monsters is yet unknown. 

Much had been assumed and found, but nothing had yet been solidly confirmed. The only way to confirm the information they had managed to collect and gather, would only be if they were to locate any of the original spaceship's surviving crew. So far, only a few had been found, dead. 

The living are unaccounted for, due to the inability to find any clue of their existance. 

But the pair had found one thing to give them hope, the chance that there are at least two more survivors on this seemingly lifeless and abandoned station. Will they come across those two new arrivals, or will something prevent them from their meeting?  

Only time will tell if they would become friends or foes.

Current Location: Space Station
Current Mood: determineddetermined
tobi_ridley on February 27th, 2007 09:11 pm (UTC)
Still wearing a look of ick, she describes what she saw, "It looked like come kind of alien cockroach… It walked like a little lizard but it had an exoskeleton, y’know? Then it turned clear and ran over that way.” She points at the other end of the bar. “N’it had a stinger too! Yuck!”

She looks around and rubs her shoulders, finally getting over her case of heebie-jeebies. “It ran away, so I think I probably scared it.”
nexus_champion on February 27th, 2007 09:25 pm (UTC)
"It looked like a lizard...?" he murmured.

Reflecting on the fact that this strange creature, as well, had suddenly turned invisible and ran away, gave him a very bad feeling. Why were the animals- or if he could call them animals; the creatures within this building have the ability to vanish, or turn insivible?

Was it a skill being tested, and worked too welll for them, or wa flaw of sorts that allowes them to conceal themselves from the enemy? Why were the two creatures thay had come across, thus far, a mix of two being in one body?

"The first one we met looked liek a mix between a dog and a lizard, but it was half my size... you don't suppose we just scared off one of it's kids, do you?" he smiled wearily, "The mommy or daddy must be mad I took out some teeth, sue me to the toothfairy, see if I care; but I bet it wouldn't be too pleased with us picking on it's kid." he murmured.

Scanning the rest of the open space, there really wasn't much to be seen aside the jukbox. "Wanna move on to another floor?" He turned to Tobi, he put a hand on her shoulder, rubbing it gently, trying to comfort her. "If you're not comfortable going down there, I'll take the lead, that okay with you?" he offered.