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27 February 2007 @ 10:23 pm
Lets Make Turtle Tracks!  
Who: Mike and Tobi... feel free to jump in!
What: Ready to explore the rest of the station.
When: Day One. Nearly sunset around 5 o'clock. Earth time. 


It has now been nearly half a day since their arrival, and so far they had survived those past twelve hours. 

Uninjured, but getting prepared for whatever may cross their path, they are ready to embark on a journy towards the currently unknown sections of the spacestation. Wheather or not they would meet into others, or come across more of the strange, invisible monsters is yet unknown. 

Much had been assumed and found, but nothing had yet been solidly confirmed. The only way to confirm the information they had managed to collect and gather, would only be if they were to locate any of the original spaceship's surviving crew. So far, only a few had been found, dead. 

The living are unaccounted for, due to the inability to find any clue of their existance. 

But the pair had found one thing to give them hope, the chance that there are at least two more survivors on this seemingly lifeless and abandoned station. Will they come across those two new arrivals, or will something prevent them from their meeting?  

Only time will tell if they would become friends or foes.

Current Location: Space Station
Current Mood: determineddetermined
tobi_ridley on February 28th, 2007 01:35 pm (UTC)
She watches him barricade the door with an arched brow of confusion. 'Better safe then sorry' he says, but his smile is forced. He's worried about something... scared even? The thought of Mikey being scared of whatever is out there frightens Tobi more then a little. She shakes her head, as if to rattle the thoughts loose and out of her head. No, Mikey was a four time Battle Nexus Champion; he came from a harsh world and a good family. No matter what was out there, Mikey would be able to handle it, and she would help him in every way she could.

She offers him a smile back which quickly turns genuine when he points out the fridge. She walks over and laughs, finding it stocked with junk food. Much of it she can’t recognize because they simply don’t have foods like that where she comes from. “What would my mama say if she caught me having soda and candy bars for dinner?” she chuckles to herself. She picks up a couple of chocolate bars and a soda and walks back over to the chair.

"Did anyone put a watch on your journal?" she asks, popping the tab on the soda.
nexus_champion on February 28th, 2007 01:52 pm (UTC)
"Right now, I was added by turtle_warriorf and Tobi_redly, but no Leo dude," he murmured, checking the history for anything else, but it came out empty. He surfed across the LAN but didn't find anything worthwhile, in his eyes. It just looked like a linked community of sorts where multiple people could post, and others could read what's written.

He huffed, discontent with the lack of findes, and then glanced at Tobi for a moment, wanting to say something, only for his senses to tingle. He whipped his head around and towards the door, then siffly signaled for her not to make a sound. Soundlessly, he pushed off the chair and put on hand on his nunchuck, but didn't pull it out.

There was the faintest scratching sound coming from beyond the barricaded door. A moment later the low growling hiss and louder clawing sounds could be heard, a dog-like noise as something seems to shake the door followed. Mike felt his heart race, something was trying to tear out the door!

"I think we got company." he whispered, and then took out the long rod from behind his shell and handed it to Tobi, "I hope you know Bo jutsu, cause you might need to clobber something soon." he continued, now facing the door again, steeling himself for the possible battle, "It's invisible, probably half my size, but still it is really quick, so keep your ears perked."

The doorknob continued to shake and rattle, before a loud 'Thump!' came, as the beast outside headbutted the wooden frame. The small dresser was pushed forwards about an inch or two, and as another headbutt came, it was shoved farther.

"It's coming, get ready!" he urged, now pulling out both nunchucked, he started twirling them, "We don't know if it's alone, so stay on your guard! If they're too many, we split and go to the top level as fast as possible, then take the empty elevator shaft back to the bottom. Hopefully the cable will be able to keep up above the still open doors. That way they wont be able to follow us. We'll seek shelter in the lower floor, okay?" He blurt out a plan from the top of his head.

As the door adorned a crack to it's side, as more scratching sounds came, Mike swallowed, "On a aside note, I'm open for suggestions..."